5 Reasons Why You Need Press Coverage

5 Reasons Why You Need Press Coverage

Dang! It’s noisy out there in social media land!

So how do you get heard in a sea of organic posts, Facebook ads and Insta stories where everyone is vying for attention?

How do you rise above all that noise so that you stand out and get noticed?

With PR, my friends!

Yep, by getting yourself some SWEET press coverage!

I was having drinks with friends this weekend.

One of them runs her own business. She said, “press coverage isn’t for me. I just need help with social media.”

Wait, what?!

Look, I understand that social media may seem like the trendier cousin, but good old media coverage is PRETTY AWESOME too.

Cue me telling her the 5 reasons why she DOES need PR…

First, let me start by asking… would you rather buy from a company that has average services OR someone who has a reputation for being an industry expert?

The industry expert, right?

PR is all about building a strong, trusted reputation.

You know the kind… where people see YOU as the go-to expert!

But how?

That reputation can be built in several ways. What I’m talking about is being featured in the press… powerful publicity like national newspapers, local TV, radio, podcasts and influential blogs.

I could talk all day about why you need press coverage, but I know you’ve got a lot of things to do!

So here are my top 5 reasons why PR should be top of that list…

Reason #1 – Helps attract new clients

We all want a successful business. And in order to be successful, we need to make money.

So how do you get people to pay attention to you, to find you and choose you above all others?

Sure, you can use social media and advertising… and I recommend that you do!

But if you want to power up your visibility and reach more people without any hard sell, getting featured in the press is the most powerful way to do just that.

So, imagine potential clients who have heard of you, searching for your area of expertise, looking for a solution to their problem and they stumble across you while reading an article about your sphere of genius.

I know, right?!

It’s such a powerful way of attracting new clients without being icky and salesy.

Reason #2 – Builds your reputation as an expert and positions you as the go-to expert

We all want to build authority online. It’s what gives us the extra edge and is arguably the single most important asset you can have.

But let’s be honest, it can take some time.

PR, on the other hand, can help you leapfrog and build your reputation quicker.

By getting yourself featured in national papers or even your local newspaper, people will look at you differently.

They’ll see that article or interview and think damn, they must be a big deal!

You sure are! *wink*

Reason #3 – Builds your credibility exponentially  

With press coverage, someone other than you, your mom and your friends – is saying how great you are. It’s what we refer to as third party credibility.

And it’s such an important part of building your brand!

You’ve heard of the know, like, & trust factor, right?

They’re the steps people go through to warm up to you and eventually buy from you.

Well PR is an important part of building that trust factor.

The unique advantage of PR over other marketing techniques is that you’re getting a stamp of approval from a third person – the journalist, the podcaster or the presenter of the radio station.

There’s a famous quote by Jean Louis-Gassée who said: “Advertising is saying you are good. PR is getting someone else to say you’re good.”

Press mentions are invaluable because they provide an endorsement which has a stronger impact than any advertising.

People are much more inclined to sit up and listen if they read an article about you or hear an interview on a podcast.

Reason #4 – Powers your SEO ten-fold

We’ve all heard that search engine optimisation (SEO) is important for building your brand online.

You know SEO, it’s making your website more appealing to search engines and people.

PR is gold dust when it comes to SEO.

When you get featured in those online publications, those articles are there forever, driving traffic to your website.

Whoop! Whoop!

Being mentioned in articles, comment pieces and generally getting people and the media talking about you and your brand is arguably one of the best ways to improve brand recognition.

Reason #5 – Level up your business and make a bigger splash

You’ve got expertise. You’ve got knowledge and skills that you can share with your audience.

Posting that knowledge on social media and on your website is great, but if you’re not showing up in a bigger way, then you are missing out on some next level visibility!

On top of that, you’re depriving yourself and others of sharing your story and experience.

Quite simply, press coverage opens doors to opportunities.

It can take you to a new level and position you as the go-to expert.

It can help you share your story, make you a sought-after speaker or help you change the world.

Pretty powerful stuff, right?

Bonus reason: It’s FREE!

Did I mention that PR is FREE?! Oh, yeah! I saved the best for last.

Now you’re interested!

I know what you’re thinking… you’re off to get some SWEET press coverage – quicker than I can say ‘hold the front page!’ Well, go on then, get on it!

What could media coverage do for you? 

Thanks for reading.

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