Visual Marketing 2020: Tips, Tricks, and Tools

Visual Marketing 2020: Tips, Tricks, and Tools

Everyone is struggling to get user attention and the competition is ever increasing. The question that arises is – What can we do to gain their attention? 

I’ve got two words for you — VISUAL MARKETING! 

Here’s the deal…

I think we should go back to the basics and start with visuals.

Think back to how we were taught as kids…

A for apple with an image of an apple right beside it. That makes it easier to remember, right? 

We can do this with marketing as well.

Visual Marketing is a highly effective and connective marketing method, so let’s dive into it a little deeper! 

But You Must Be Wondering What exactly is Visual Marketing?

Basically, Visual Marketing is the process of marketing your products and services through–you guessed it–visuals! 

Think images, videos, infographics, graphics, logos, signs, or more. It helps to gain the trust of your customer, by giving a visual confirmation of the product. 

Why Visual Marketing?

Humans are very visual learners! 

Don’t believe me? 

Okay just imagine this…if you read an informative article on how a boat functions and then watch a video that shows how a boat functions. What are you more likely to remember more? 

Obviously, the video. 

Pretty much everything else functions on the same principle. Why do you think social media platforms are boomin’? 

Their visual nature makes for more interesting and attractive content for users to explore. 

So now do you believe me that visual marketing can play a crucial role in business?! 

Visual Marketing actually helps boost engagement and connection with users through appealing and dynamic content on various marketing touchpoints like websites. This increases their dwell time and helps you with a reduced bounce rate! Which is very important if you’re trying to run a successful website.  

It also improves your chances to score a conversion because the user is engrossed in the visual content which can trigger their emotions to go ahead and make purchases from your business. 

Now that’s a WIN! 

Visuals are impactful in a way that textual content can never be, and it is time to take advantage of this and speak loud through visuals! 

Five Fascinating Tips For Visual Marketing Success

There are various ways you can use visuals but after studying the trends, here is a list of five tips you should consider before inducing visual marketing in your marketing strategy.

1. Video Marketing

With evolving smartphones and cameras, creating and watching videos has become much easier. People prefer to watch videos over any other form of content as videos are more engrossing and impactful! Videos have the power to trigger the emotions of a person and change their opinions about anything. They can also be highly useful to influence your users and build trust for your brand. 


You can even create your own Youtube Channel and share videos related to your brand products and services. This will help you entice your users in a more personal way. Using videos to give away information and provide entertainment can really help your brand in SO many ways.

2. Employ User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content (UGC) is the most trending marketing method out there right now. Tons of luxury brands have already started using it for the growth of their brand and are being pretty darn successfully with it. 

But what is UGC?

UGC is just content that is voluntarily created and shared by the users of a brand in favor of the brand on any accessible media. So… it can be in any form such as photos, videos, blogs, tweets, GIFs, Infographics, and everything in between. This content is shared without any sort of sponsorship from the brand.

You can use UGC to attract your users’ attention since they can relate to it and prefer to explore more as the content is shared by other fellow users. You can use it for all your marketing touchpoints, whether it’s online marketing or offline marketing.

3. Induce Visual Commerce

When we talk about the e-commerce industry, the revolutionary update is Visual Commerce. 

“What’s that” you ask? 

It’s enhancing the user experience by giving the users a compelling and captivating visual that urges them to whip out their credit cards and buy your products right away.

Turning that visual content into shoppable content makes it even easier for the business to motivate people to not waste any time or change their mind about the purchase. This way they can instantly make the purchase and increase your conversion. 


The best part about visual commerce is that it mostly uses UGC for display which attracts a higher user base for its authenticity and reliability. It generates higher engagement, builds trust among users and also creates social proof online leading to a higher conversion rate. 

Visual Commerce has been evolving and works with some great technologies too, such as Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) which gives the users a better visual and customer experience.

4. Utilize Visual Call-To-Action

Every business or website has Call-To-Action (CTA)  buttons that are used to direct the users to a conversion page.  

Maybe it’s a sales page, a survey, or anything else that might be valuable to the brand. 

For example, Free Trial CTAs or Buy Now CTAs.

You can go for visually appealing CTAs too! With these, people feel the urge to click on it. This will not only help you with your conversions but it’ll also make your website visually appealing and attractive for the website visitors. Oh-la-la! 

5. Switch to Data Visualization

Reading a bunch of data and information can get very monotonous at times. This is a big problem that brands face while sharing any kind of information.  

Don’t worry though! This can easily be solved with Data Visualization. 


Maybe you want to share some beneficial information with the users through visuals.  

You can do this by making use of Infographics, Graphs, Tables, Charts, etc. 

This will not only fulfill the visual lack for the users but provide them with information as well. What’s the problem in killing two birds with one stone? Right?

Fantastic Four Tricks To Leverage Visual Content

Now that you know what all to use for your visual marketing strategy, here are four tricks to help you leverage that visual content:

1. Embed on Website

A website is a brand’s foremost marketing platform. All users definitely have a look at the website before actually making a purchase. Until your website impresses the user, they won’t make any purchases. First impressions are KEY! 


It is necessary you have an appealing and visually attractive website. So that means, you can add visuals for just a few pages, or all the pages of your website such as Home Page, Product Pages or Category Pages. 

These three pages are the most essential pages of the website, which are basically the decision-makers for the website visitors…especially the Home Page. So adding visuals to these pages can help you a lot for attracting the users and turning them into paying customers.

2. Display on Digital Signages

The use of Digital Signages is also increasing day by day.

Here’s why… 

They help a brand to spread awareness at live target locations in a way no other form of marketing ever can. The problem: What will make your Digital Signage stand out so that people look at it and engage with it? 


The effective use of visuals can help your digital signage stand out and gain higher impressions and engagement. The trick is to use some effective and emotionally triggering images that encourage the people to look at your sign and engage with it.

3. Create Shoppable Galleries and Catalogs

Yes, this can be a great way to get your users interested and drive them to interact with your visual content. You can opt to create UGC powered galleries and catalogs for your brand’s products and services which will not only be relatable to the website visitors but it will make your website more enticing as well. 


The relevant and usable UGC can be made shoppable through Visual Commerce Platforms which can shorten the user’s shopping journey, provide them with better user experience and improve your chances of sales!

4. Share on Social Media

Right now, social media is one of the most essential touchpoints of the marketing strategy of a brand. Also, social media is all about visuals! You can choose to share some amazing and relatable visuals for your users to want to follow your social media.

With that done, you can share and promote your brand products and services in a more interactive and non-promotional way which can help you to convert your social media traffic to website traffic. Voila!!!

The Top Three Visual Marketing Tools 

Here are the best tools you can use for different purposes:


Taggbox is a UGC Platform that aims to help marketers with their solutions to discover, curate, and display UGC on all their marketing touchpoints to boost engagement, build trust and spark conversions. 

It provides solutions for multiple channels – Widget for Websites, Display for Digital Signages, Visual Commerce for E-Commerce Industry, Social Walls for Events, and Rights Management. You can use it to leverage UGC and draw your users towards your brand. They even offer a 14-day Free Trial for you to try and test the tool to see if you like it! 


Canva is a graphic designing tool that can help you create gorgeous images or visuals for your brand’s visual marketing. It offers templates to create visuals, graphs, flyers, posters, and many more. You can even customize the templates by changing the colors, copy, icons, fonts. 

It is a super user-friendly app that can be managed by anyone and everyone. Annnd it offers free accounts for personal use and very minimal price plans for small businesses. This is one of those must-have-tools for starting your visual marketing journey!


Datawrapper is a web app that helps you generate engaging infographics for your website, blogs, or social media. It specializes in charts, tables, and maps which can make your website more interactive for the users. 

This process is super easy! All you need to do is copy-paste your data, edit your charts, and then easily embed it wherever you want. They have a free plan for basic use as well! You should definitely give it a try.

Wrapping it up! 

Visuals can play a huge part in the marketing strategy for your brand. You should definitely try creating a strategy to stand out from your competitors and engaging your users at the same time. Give your users the answer to the question “Why” instead of “What” and you might just hit the right spot. 

So what are you still here for? Go ahead and do some brainstorming!

Thanks for reading.

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