How To Use Facebook Retargeting to Build Your Email List for Free

How To Use Facebook Retargeting to Build Your Email List for Free

Confession…when we first started running Facebook ads I expected to make our money back immediately. True story. I 100% believed that we could saunter into the FB ads dashboard, drop $1,000 and immediately see a return. I mean, why wouldn’t I think that?!

So many FB ad experts had told me “just invest in Facebook ads and your business will grow”.

And so there we were, tinkering around with FB ads, getting no results, losing money left, right and centre and beating ourselves up inside because clearly we were “doing it wrong”.

Have you ever experienced that?

That sinking sensation you get when you think you have found THE THING that is going to change the game for you, only to feel disappointed, frustrated and unsure of what to do next?

It sucks, right?

What’s more is I see it happening all. the. time.

Nearly every week inside our Facebook group I see webpreneurs venting their frustrations that their ad didn’t yield results…

They feel let down that they did everything they were supposed to do, and yet, crickets….

And they start to feel a little stabby when they find out their ad has been disapproved.

I mean, it’s enough to make you angry type, audibly sigh and threaten to throw your laptop out the cafe window.

But here’s the thing…

If you know you’re ready to start running FB ads (and if you don’t, read this) and you have your strategy in place (and if you don’t, read this) then it’s time to start wrapping your head around the most powerful of all FB ad strategies out there…


What is Facebook Ad Retargeting?

Retargeting (otherwise known as reminder marketing or remarketing) is a form of online advertising that helps to keep your brand in front of those people who have bounced off your page without performing your desired action.

Think of it as following up with someone you want to do business with, but without the awkward “hey, it’s me again” emails that can go unanswered.

Basically, it’s a powerful, yet subtle strategy you can use to remind people of the offer they’re about to miss out on.

It also happens to be the most budget-friendly ad you can run to pixeled traffic.

And we use it in our FB-ad-running-arsenal a LOT.


Lemme explain.

But, first…

How NOT To Run Facebook Ads

So here is what typically happens in most FB ad campaigns I see going down…

You see an ad in your feed and think “ohhhh what’s this?” and click it.

From there, you are taken to a landing page of sorts where you’re presented with an opportunity to [insert action here].

Usually that is to opt-in for some sort of freebie.

If you choose not to opt-in, the interaction stops there.

Maybe you’ll hear from them again, or maybe not.

Maybe you’ll see their ad again, or maybe not.

Which means they will have just spent money to get you to click their ad and do nothing.

No bueno.

Usually this results in feeling defeated, annoyed that they just spent money for no reason and unsure of what to do next.

But here’s the thing…

Your FB ads strategy can be so much more powerful than a wham-bam-opt-in-to-my-freebie-mam approach!

Here’s how we do it…

How To Use Facebook Retargeting

So remember last week when I laid out our precise FB ads strategy we use errrr’yday in our business?

This one? 

Well, there’s another layer to that system and it goes a little something like this…

If someone clicks through to our read magnet ad and reads the content, but doesn’t opt in for our lead magnet we serve them up an ad that prompts them to opt-in and grab their freebie.


Because sometimes people are too immersed in your content to opt-in…

Sometimes they don’t notice your CTA…

And sometimes they forget.

Which is why we follow them around Facebook using a “website conversions” ad objective, reminding them to grab their freebie; ultimately allowing us to build leads for less than $0.50 per lead across all of our different funnels.

Retargeting Results

I guarantee you the minute you bounce off this page (if you haven’t already opted in) you are going to see this ad following you around in your newsfeed.

LM Retargeting Pic

Sexy, isn’t it?

What’s more is…people notice!


Not only is this helping us build our list, but it’s allowing us to build exposure for our brand at a fraction of the cost of driving lead ads to cold traffic.

But the strategy doesn’t stop there…

You see, once someone has opted in we then make our first offer.

This is called our Intro Offer and the entire point of it is to simply change the relationship from casual subscriber to a new customer.

It also helps us recoup our ad costs.

Which means that we’re building leads fo’ free.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

I assure you it’s not.

So here’s how that plays out…

Once you opt-in for any of our funnels you will be given the chance to grab one of our courses from inside Screw U at a special price for 15 minutes.

If you don’t choose to take us up on that offer, that’s cool.

We’ll retarget you (with another “website conversions” ad) for 48 hours with yet another chance to pick up the course, but at a higher price.

And this?

This one strategy alone is responsible for bringing in over $2,597.00 in revenue (with an ad spend of less than $814.92) in the month of February alone.

Retargeting intro offer

But how the?

What the?

Why the?


This entire strategy is possible thanks to Facebook’s power pixel that captures user data and behaviour so that YOU can present the right offer, at the right time, to the right person.

And what does that do?

Makes the offer an almost no-brainer choice.

After all, according to CMO, website visitors who are retargeted with ads are 70% more likely to convert on your website!

Not only that, but it can boost your ad response by up to 400%.

Four. Hundred. Percent.

Making this strategy far too powerful to ignore.

So what happens after that initial offer?


We move into promoting our core offer, otherwise known as your signature product, program or service.

And if you’re sitting there thinking to yourself “woah woah woah! That’s a lot of selling! I can’t do that!” let me assure you…

Yes you can.

And you should!


Because if you have something that is going to help someone, you are damn near obligated to get it in front of them and give them the choice to act on it.

After all, we’re here to serve…

We’re here to solve problems…

We’re here to help…

And we sure as hell are here to build profitable, healthy businesses.

That means cowboy’ing up, making an offer and getting in front of the people who are perfectly aligned with it.

What will we do if they choose not to buy it?

Sashay our way into their newsfeed with a helpful (and preferably engaging) retargeting ad that reminds them of all the value-packed goodness we have waiting for them behind that buy button.

Pretty straightforward, right?

So, how can you use this strategy in YOUR business?

How To Use FB Retargeting in Your Business

Straight up, you need a strategy.

Fortunately, we’ll be walking you through the exact process we live and die by inside our smart and strategic FB ads program, ADdicted  (no longer available).

However, if you just can’t wait until then, do this:

  • Identify the biggest pain point or interest area your audience wants
  • Create helpful free content (we call ’em read magnets) that helps someone solve a problem
  • Create a relevant lead magnet that acts as a next step to the read magnet
  • Brainstorm and create your intro offer (hello, ebooks, audio courses, short video courses, downloadables, printables)

Then once you have that all in place, do this:

  • Create a “clicks to website” ad that drives cold traffic to free piece of content (aka your read magnet)
  • Create a “website conversions” ad for your lead magnet that you can use to retarget those who checked out your free content, but didn’t opt-in
  • Create another “website conversions” retargeting ad for your intro offer to remind subscribers to act now
  • Create a final “website conversions” retargeting ad that reminds your new happy customers to upgrade to your core offer

4 ads.

That’s it.

4 ads that you can create and run to help you build your email list for free, rock your audience’s world and get your work out in front of those who need it most.

(NOTE: ADdicted is no longer a program we offer.)

Thanks for reading.

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7 thoughts on “How To Use Facebook Retargeting to Build Your Email List for Free”

  1. Awesome post Jillie Supreme!! An excellent way to build your list… Looking forward to seeing ADdicted in full within the U!

    One Q though… You mention that you’re getting leads for $0.50, that you’re running 4 ads for that specific funnel AND that your intro offer covers the costs for getting your leads. Does the intro suppose to cover the cost of getting the initial lead or for all 4 of the ads in the funnel?

    Perfect example of how a “read magnet” should be 🙂

  2. Hey Jill,

    This sounds like a great strategy. I actually never heard of Facebook’s power pixel but I can see how you can work off of this to create 4 campaigns to not only build your email list but to get your target marketing to purchase your core offer.

    Now I time it pass on the knowledge! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Niice!! .. So let’s say I created my “ read magnet “ and now I want to make a { clicks to website } ad to drive the traffic to it – What would the copy of the ad say , exactly?? — Read my blog post or have a curious question to make someone click – maybe I’m overthinking this ! Content Overload yo – eek 😬


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