2 Reasons You’re Blocking Your Creative Flow

2 Reasons You’re Blocking Your Creative Flow

Do you ever feel like your creative juices just aren’t flowing? 

And no matter how hard you try to spark some inspiration nothing works. Minutes turn to hours, and before you know it you’ve wasted way too much time trying to figure out what to write, what picture to use, or what your audience wants to hear. 

It’s like trying to walk through quicksand or being knee-deep in mud. Okay, I’ve never walked through quicksand, but the movies make it look all heavy and shit. 

That’s how I feel when my creativity is blocked. When the hits of inspiration are non-existent. 

Can you relate? 

It’s freaking frustrating!! Especially when we have a deadline to meet or we haven’t posted on social media in a week.

Heck, maybe even our audience is wondering where we went. 

As a creative entrepreneur who suffered her fair share of painful bouts of writers’’ block, I totally get it. 

That is why I’m sharing the two main reasons you are blocking your creative flow so that you can avoid the same hair-pulling moments.

I’m also sharing my methods for how-to unleash endless amounts of inspiration so that you can create amazing content with ease.

So let’s start with what’s actually causing the blocks. 

1. Your Inner State

I’d love for you to take inventory of your inner state when you are in creation mode. 

Are you rushing to get shit done or working towards a deadline and feeling the pressure? 

Are you telling yourself you don’t know what to create that your audience wants to see and hear? 

Are you frustrated that the inspiration doesn’t come more easily?

Are you wondering how others seem to create more engaging content than you?

I know these are all things I’ve felt more than once as an entrepreneur. But the thing is when we operate from a negative inner state such as frustration, anger, resentment, burnout, jealousy, comparison, or fear we are actually stifling our creative flow. 


All these emotions and feelings are wreaking havoc on your inner reality and thus making it impossible for you to tap into your creativity. So, if you are struggling to find the inspiration you are desperately searching for you are likely to blame.  

Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m here to help!! 

2. Lack of Clarity

This goes hand in hand with our inner state. Things are really murky when we are operating out of alignment and not from a place of love and abundance. Making it difficult for creative ideas to flow to and through us.

I went all woo woo really fast I know. So, if this is a little out there for you just hear me out. Your lack of clarity isn’t because you don’t know what to create. In fact, that is a big old lie you’ve been told. 

Lack of clarity comes from our need to get things right and our desire for perfection. We want to avoid outcomes like failure. This causes us to overthink our decisions and sit in indecision. 

Am I right?

The thing is you already have everything you need inside of you right now to create. And holding onto lack of clarity as an excuse is blocking your creative flow. 

Both these reasons combined are the killers of creativity. So how do you avoid these blockages? I thought you’d never ask!! 

There are two things I practice regularly that have literally unlocked endless amounts of inspiration. It’s like a faucet has been opened where I’m getting hits of inspiration daily. 

1. Create the Space to Create

If you want endless amounts of inspiration you must create the space to create. Meaning you have to tune into your inner state to make sure you aren’t blocking your creativity. 

Those negative emotions aren’t serving you, so you have to focus on raising your vibration to a state of love and abundance. This will open you up to receive all of the creative wisdom you need. 

The best way you can do that is quieting the mind through meditation, reconnecting with nature, and/or moving your body. Getting out of your mind and into your body works wonders if you are an overthinker like me. But meditation also works like magic.

And don’t wait until you need those hits of inspiration. Practice this daily so that creativity is always flowing.  I’d love for you to try a bunch of different things to see what works best for you and try to have fun with it. 

2. Surrender and Eliminate Resistance

The more you force things, the more resistance you are creating. And resistance blocks all creative flow. So the next time you stare at your computer for hours trying to write a single email, or craft the perfect IG post think about the resistance you are creating.  

Try surrendering to the moment and practice quieting the mind for a hot minute. Maybe take a break, go for a walk, and come back when you feel refreshed. Because bitching about it isn’t doing you any good. 

This is why it’s important to develop a process for collecting hits of inspiration so you can use them when you are ready to create. Storing them in a notes app, texting them to yourself, or recording a voice clip all work great!! 

It’s also vital to have a system where content is mapped out and created in advance so you aren’t consistently under the gun trying to force the outcome. This has been a lifesaver for me! 

Now that you know how to ditch the creative blocks and spark endless amounts of inspiration it’s time to start creating. I’ve written an article you might find helpful for How To Connect With People And Write Copy That Sells Your Products To Anyone.

Thanks for reading.

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