[Ep 109] 3 Time Management Hacks that Will Help You Get More Done in a Day

[Ep 109] 3 Time Management Hacks that Will Help You Get More Done in a Day

You’re a motivated mother hustler, I get that.

In fact, I LOVE that about you!

So here’s something I bet you’re guilty of…

I’m going to ask you a dirty question and you have to be honest.

Do you work too much?

Like, ten hours a day too much?

Like, all weekend too much?

Guilty as charged.

And while I love it, sometimes it can feel like a bit….too much.

The problem is, we love the business we have created for ourselves.

We want to pour ourselves into them, to keep making them even better.

And we equate time with results.

We think longer hours are the key to success.

But here’s the thing….

What if we learned how to work smarter, instead of longer?

What if we knew how to do more, quicker?

How to do less, better?

What if we learnt how to be productivity pros and momentum masters?

It’s time to stop working so damn hard, and time to start working smarter!

Wanna know how?

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • The three management hacks that will help you get more done in the day
  • Lacking direction? We break down how to move forward
  • We tell you how to build momentum and get shit done
  • How to pick your tools and manage time in a way that works for you
  • We break down the scrums, the sprints and the Pomodoros!
  • Want to stay focused? How to find and use your ONE thing

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