The Ultimate Facebook Ads Strategy & How To Use it in Your Business

The Ultimate Facebook Ads Strategy & How To Use it in Your Business

You know how when people talk about their success with Facebook ads they rarely talk about the Facebook ads strategy they use? Like, they might say “I ran a lead campaign and converted at 37%!”…but rarely do they dive in and explain HOW they actually got those leads?

What I mean is…

Did they run the ads to cold traffic or warm?

Did they retarget those who didn’t opt-in?

How much did they actually spend to get those leads?

And most importantly, did they recoup their costs…and then some?

These are the things I think to myself when I hear someone breaking down a “hot new strategy”.

I mean, think about it…

If you know you are ready to start running FB ads (and if you’re not 100% sure, read this), you’re likely going to wonder how people are getting the results they’re getting, right?

So instead of me using the next few hundred words to tell you how smart our strategy is, or how big the return is we’re getting, I thought I would break down the precise strategy Josh and I use to get the Screw out into your newsfeed in a BIG way.

Step 1: Warming Up Cold Traffic

Now I obviously haven’t gone through every single marketer’s ad funnel to see them all in action, but I’ve been through my fair share and this is how I typically see it going down.

  • They run a lead campaign that targets people who like specific pages
  • You sign up for their freebie
  • You get their freebie
  • You’ll receive a few auto-responders and maybe get hit with a pitch

That’s it.

And if you’re thinking “sounds like a solid strategy to me”, then I am SO happy you’re here on this page with me right now.


Because there are so. many. lost opportunities in that simple ad breakdown.

To start, let’s talk about cold traffic.

Simply put, we like to warm cold traffic up and get them consuming our content before we go in for the freebie kill.

This is for two reasons:

  • It’s cheaper to drive ads to a free piece of content (and Facebook LOVES it)
  • It helps to familiarize people with our brand before we make our first offer

Here’s how this plays out in our business…

I write a killer (if I do say so myself *wink* ) piece of free content (or “Read Magnet” as we like to call it) around a particular interest area or pain point.

Right now it just so happens to be about our Facebook ads strategy.

Once this post is published, we then create a “clicks to website” ad campaign inside our FB ads dashboard.

The whole point of this piece of content is to:

  • Rock your world and teach you something new
  • Introduce our brand to a cold audience without being all pushy about it
  • Add a flood of people into the beginning of our sales funnel

Now, if you’re having a “what? I thought this post was about Facebook ads!”, don’t sweat.

You see, combining Facebook ads with our signature sales funnel system is precisely what makes our strategy ruthlessly effective.

In fact, you’re in it right now.

This is the beginning step and we’re in the process of warming you up for the next step.

What is it?

Step 2: Converting Site Visitors Into Leads

Ahhh yes, the opt-in.

It’s what we all want, isn’t it?

The big list?

The hot prospects?

The eager buyers?

Well, this is how we go about doing just that…

You see, as you move through this post and get further down the page we are going to present you with a chance to grab our swipe-copy-to-end-all-swipe-copies of FB Ad Copy and Design Inspiration (no longer available).

As well as a bonus ADdicted Sneak Peek PDF which will walk you through a Facebook ads course we created a while back (no longer available).

So why did we do it this way?


Instead of just targeting any random business owner with our free copy and design swipe file, we only wanted people who had landed on this page to have the chance to grab it.


Because we know if you are on this page and ingesting content on Facebook ads strategy AND you’ve made it this far, you’re probably pretty damn interested in Facebook ads.

In addition to that, we know that one of the big pain points for people wanting to run ads is they don’t know what to say in their ad or how it should look if they want it to convert.

Basically, we’re using your interest in FB ads strategy AND your desire to run high-converting ads (and grow your business) to offer you a relevant next step to the content you’re currently consuming.

But that’s not where the strategy ends.

Oh hellll no.

You see, if you don’t opt-in to get our swipe copy we are going to serve you another set of ads to remind you of what you missed out on.

Or in other words, we’re going to pixel and retarget you with a “website conversions” ad that is ONLY served to people who have landed on this page.

Why are we doing this?

A few reasons:

  • We want you to opt-in and sometimes people forget to do it the first time
  • It is SO much cheaper to retarget a pixelled audience then it is to run a cold lead campaign

This is what is possible for YOUR Facebook ads strategy.

What I mean is, your strategy doesn’t have to just be a one-off ad.

You can drill down into the preferences and behaviours of your dream audience and serve relevant ads that speak directly to their desires.

It’s pull vs push.

That means no more sky-high ad costs mixed with low conversions.

Instead, we’re gunning for low ad costs mixed with sky-high conversions.

Doesn’t that sound like a sweet, sweet sigh of relief?

I think so too.

What’s more? We ain’t even done yet.

Step 3: Converting Leads into Customers

Oh you thought I was done breaking down our strategy?

That’s cute.

But no, I’m just getting warmed up.

So now that we’ve gone through which two set of ads you’ll want to run to warm up cold traffic AND turn them into subscribers, let’s talk about recouping your ad costs.

Oh yeah, it’s time to make our first offer.

You know how I mentioned “recouping your ad costs” about 10 lines ago?

This is how we do it…

Once someone opts in for our freebie they will be redirected to another page where we give them the chance to grab one of our training courses (from inside Screw U) at a discounted rate for 15 minutes.

We do this for 2 reasons:

  • To change the relationship from subscriber to customer
  • To liquidate our ad costs

That means we’re not trying to “get rich” off that first offer.

We’re simply trying to recoup the money we’ve invested in our ads, which essentially allows us to build leads for free.

Now think about that for a sec…

Say you invested $20 a day in FB ads using the strategy I listed above and you sold an intro offer for $20, you would only have to make ONE sale per day to create a self-liquidating ad campaign.

From there, it’s all about scaling, building more leads and making more offers.

So, do you have or could you create:

  • an ebook
  • a mini course
  • an audio download
  • a PDF guide packed with value
  • an action guide
  • a customizable plan
  • a quick 15 minute call
  • a recorded workshop
  • a recording of a talk you gave

If so, this strategy can work for you.

“But what if that subscriber doesn’t buy the product?” is what I imagine you’re thinking to yourself right now..

Well, remember that whole pixeling and retargeting thing I mentioned back when we were talking about lead magnets?

We do the exact same thing with our introductory offers.

So if someone lands on the offer page and doesn’t buy it, we retarget them (for 48 hours) with another “website conversions” ad and give them one more chance to get our introductory offer, but at a higher price.

Again, we do this because retargeting is sooo-ooohhh much cheaper than if we were to try and hock a course to a cold audience.

Plus, just, no.

From there? It’s all about “the black”.

Step 4: Upgrading Your Customers

I gotta admit, this is my favourite part.


Because this is where we start to see profit…

It’s where we move into “the black”.

Here’s what I mean…

Once someone purchases our intro offer, they are sent through a sequence of emails that move them towards our core offer.

Now the core offer is your all-encompassing offer, which can be anything you want!


  • An online course
  • Tickets to your premium live event
  • High-ticket coaching
  • A certification program
  • A monthly membership community
  • Done-for-you services
  • Group coaching programs
  • Monthly consulting sessions
  • A software
  • A bootcamp
  • Mentorship
  • A physical product

Whatever you damn well want!

In this case it’s ADdicted.

And what do we do if someone doesn’t buy?

*puts her hand to her ear and waits*

You guessed it, RETARGET THEM!

So here is how this is going to play out for ADdicted.

This page has been pixelled. Obviously.

That means we can use this audience to retarget for not just the lead magnet, but for everything else we have lined up for when ADdicted makes its sexy debut (no longer available).

What’s more, YOU can use this strategy of free content, relevant freebies and strategic offers and combine it with purposeful paid traffic and a heavy dose of retargeting to take your ads and promotion strategy to the next level.

That means more brand exposure…

More qualified subscribers…

More customers…

More revenue…

And less headaches.

Best of all, we can show you precisely how we go about all of this, including who to target, how to optimize your ads and when to scale your spend inside of our Facebook Ad Program, ADdicted.

(NOTE: ADdicted is no longer offered or available for purchase)

Thanks for reading.

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13 thoughts on “The Ultimate Facebook Ads Strategy & How To Use it in Your Business”

  1. Jill, Josh, you are briliant. Thanks for the awesome strategy. I’m going to implement this and I look forward to ADdicted!

  2. Hey Jill,

    Nice one. I was using Facebook ads in the past and I got a little carried away because i wasn’t budgeting as well as I should have. So I paid the cost. One thing I didn’t do was retarget which would’ve help to lower costs.

    Thanks for sharing Jill! Have a great day!

  3. You break this down and make it sound so simple. A self liquidation funnel requires just selling one $20 a day at a $20/day ad spend all while building your list for free, genius!

    Did you have to test your introductory offer or was it a home run. What if people aren’t buying the intro offer, then what would you suggest?

    • We have tried a few things, to be honest…

      First we started out with personalized “idea inspiration” kits, but that got to be too time consuming.

      Then we tested “idea inspiration” calls, but then that got to be too time consuming lol..

      We finally landed on the idea of fracturing out our courses from inside Screw U (allowing us to kill two birds with one stone) and that one was a jackpot win for us.

      If you’re struggling to figure out what your intro offer should be, you should join us for our masterclass April 26th as we’ll be talking all about this 🙂


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