[Ep 117] How Dan Norris Created a Successful Startup in 7 Days

[Ep 117] How Dan Norris Created a Successful Startup in 7 Days

Do you ever feel like…

Your business is a bit of a struggle?

Or worse yet, an outright failure?


We know first hand- it can be very easy to get deterred when starting your own business.

You can quickly wind up more of a wantrepreneur, than an entrepreneur.

And that determination- what if it has actually become delusion?

Because let’s face it: not every idea we have is going to work.

And that sucks.

But we’ve gotta learn to see our ‘failures’ as positive learning curves.

Or, as Dan Norris likes to call them, ‘experiments with results’.

After 8 years of failed business ideas, he knows a thing or two about how (and how not!) to make a business succeed!

Because for the longest time, everything he touched was a failure.

And now?

Now he is multi-business entrepreneur, author, content king, public speaker and general all-round business badass.

And there’s more- this success comes from following his (zero-bullshit!) 7 day plan.

So, what’s his secret?

Dan learned the hard way how to refine his ideas and distill his core offering down to something that really solved a problem.

Aaaaaaand (here’s the biggie) he learned how to differentiate himself and his businesses in a way that really resonated for people.

So he’s here with us today, breakin’ down how you can do the same.

Ready to go from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur?

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • What was Dan doing before his books, startups and public speaking gigs?
  • Dan Norris talks us through his many businesses. How does he juggle them all?
  • What is the 7 Day Startup day? Why Dan launched his business the way he did, and why he thinks others should do the same
  • What is WP Curve, and how could it help you?
  • You don’t learn till you launch. Why it took Dan 8 years to learn how to succeed
  • Could you kill your ideas? How to know when something isn’t working and why
  • Why you need to quit assuming and ask, ‘what problem am I actually solving?’
  • What will make people share you? What is the message of  who you are and what you do? We talk differentiation and how to stand out
  • Community builds trust. How do you build and nurture an engaged community- then leverage that support?
  • Content builds authority. How to create and use killer content to and market yourself and your product

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  • Dan is co-founder of live messaging app, Helloify
  • WP Curve performs unlimited small WordPress fixes, 24/7, for a set monthly fee
  • Need to better organize all your ideas? Use Trello to manage your awesomeness

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