[Ep 126] What’s the Best Way to Start Outsourcing Tasks?

[Ep 126] What’s the Best Way to Start Outsourcing Tasks?

Let me ask you…

What do you think your biggest resource as an entrepreneur is?




Meh, you’re getting there.


You betcha!!

You see, when you’re working for yourself, it can feel like there just ain’t enough hours in the day.

Have you ever been there?

I sure have!

Hell, I feel that way right now!

I mean, we can get so caught up grinding out the nitty gritty…

So bogged-down in those boring, time-consuming tasks we hate…

And so terrible at relinquishing the reins to someone else…

That we start to wonder what the whole point is!

But here’s the thing: Time is our greatest asset in this crazy entrepreneurial game.

And delegation – getting someone else to do those thing we can’t, won’t or shouldn’t be doing – is the first step to freeing more of it up.

That way we can focus on what matters.

And regain some precious sanity in the process.

Sounds heavenly, right?

But look…

We get that it’s hard to loosen the vice grip on certain tasks, and it can be hard to know how to start!

So when one of our Screw U gals, Karla Hoffman asked:

“When should we start outsourcing, and what’s the best way to do it?”

We knew we had to A that Q…like, yesterday!

Ready to make mundane tasks a thing of the past, and delegate like a boss?

Let’s do this.

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • Why you need to delegate… Like, now!
  • How outsourcing can increase creativity, business focus and freedom
  • Do you suffer from Superman Syndrome? How to recognise you need help
  • How to pinpoint the tasks you can outsource, using this three step process
  • Let it go. We chat relinquishing our vice grips to ‘do less, better’
  • Systemise that shizz! How to create outsource systems and schedules
  • The nitty gritty of managing staff: Time-zones, probation periods, SOP’s, and video training

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