[Ep 127] The 3 Stages of Business for Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs

[Ep 127] The 3 Stages of Business for Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs

You did it!

You researched, created, and launched your first digital product or service.

Maybe you made a few sales, maybe you made a few hundred—either way you did the work and you got it out there.

And hot damn, money is actually coming in!

*Fist pump*

But tell me…

How do you plan to keep that momentum going?

Are you going to create a funnel?

Do another launch?

Create another offer?

And more importantly, do you have a grand vision for where this is all going?

This is the less glamorous part.

When that energy-inducing, list-building, revenue-generating launch is a thing of the past…

When users have become customers and you’re not sure what to do with them anymore…

When income starts to trickle off…

We’ve been there.

And what we’ve learned is when you don’t have a longer term vision of where you want your business to go, you tend to just wing it and hop from launch to launch.

Which is cool, because, money!

But eventually, it can start to feel a little redundant.

A little been-there-done-that.

So let’s dive into this grand vision and talk about your options.

Because I’m tellin’ ya?

You have lots of ’em!

What’s more is Josh is going to break ’em down, because he’s nice like that.

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • What are the three stages of business for bootstrapping entrepreneurs?
  • Stair stepping and life-time value… what the?! We’re breakin’ it down
  • What is a SaaS business model, anyway?
  • How to stretch limited profitability into a lucrative rinse and repeat strategy
  • How to evaluate a customer’s Life Time Value, and why you need to
  • Churn baby, churn? We talk churn and retention rates- and what it all means
  • Become a retention master with these top tips for growing a community
  • Need more continuity? Let’s talk tiered services and memberships

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