Revealed: The 5 Stages of Building an Online Business

Revealed: The 5 Stages of Building an Online Business

Let’s keep it real for a sec, Scroupies.

Have you ever said anything like “am I doing it wrong?” to yourself while trying to build your business?

What about, “I don’t know enough to do this”?

Does that sound familiar?

How about “what if I fail?”? Or “so-and-so has it all figured out”? Or even “I thought I would be making money by now!”?

I sure have.

Hell, I used to torture myself with that head trash!

And I know I’m not alone in this.

In fact, we hear it all the time inside the free FB group, inside Screw U and during conversations with other entrepreneurs in our space.

It’s a mind-fuck, isn’t it?

What’s more is we’re lead to believe (through outlandish and misleading claims online) that if you’re not crushing 5-figure months on the regular, you’re not worthy of someone’s time and attention.

Which is quite honestly a whole bunch of bullshit.

So we wanted to challenge that on this week’s episode AND walk you through a simple framework that is going to shake up your whole entrepreneurial world.

Click play to get the deets AND listen to Josh out me for a bit of an addiction I have. *shakes fist*

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2 thoughts on “Revealed: The 5 Stages of Building an Online Business”

  1. found your podcast yesterday and I can’t get enough. I decided to start from the earliest and work my way up. I’m currently in the grind and wanted to know if you would recommend me registering my fitness business while still in this stage or should I wait until “the hustle”?

    • By “registering” do you mean forming a LLC or registering a business etc..? If so, I don’t see the harm, but you should always chat with a lawyer or your accountant to get their take 😀


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