[EP 60] Greg Hickman Answers: How Can I Use SMS Marketing To Increase My Webinar Attendance?

[EP 60] Greg Hickman Answers: How Can I Use SMS Marketing To Increase My Webinar Attendance?

If there is one sure-fire way to build credibility and trust in your business, it’s hosting webinars.

Yet they can intimidate some people.

Myself included.

In fact, before our first webinar I was a rambling, sweaty mess in the lead up to going live.

And I am pretty sure I stumbled over my words for the first 15 minutes.

It was…ummm….special.

Yet we kept at it and to this day webinars have been our biggest income generator and are how we have packed out both Lifestyle Affiliate and Screw U.

But how do you get people to actually show up and attend your webinar?

Well, you can email them OR you can text them.

Yeah baby, SMS marketing is becoming a BIG trend in the online business world and it ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.

So how can you use text messages to pack out your webinars…or build your list in general?

We brought Greg Hickman back on the show to answer just that for this week’s Screw Q!

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • Greg’s thoughts on how to use SMS marketing to increase your webinar attendance
  • How you can use SMS to increase live event attendance
  • What tools to use for the most effective SMS marketing
  • How to use voice recordings to increase attendance
  • When to use SMS marketing
  • The true cost of SMS marketing

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