[Ep 133] From Cold Calling to Catalyzing Community: How Yanik Silver is Changing the World through Entrepreneurship

[Ep 133] From Cold Calling to Catalyzing Community: How Yanik Silver is Changing the World through Entrepreneurship

Question for you…

When you think about your business, or the business you want to start, what is your number one goal with it?

Is it money?

Time freedom?

Orrrrr, is it impact?

Think about that for a sec…

I’ll admit, when we were first starting out online my biggest priority was money.

I wanted to make as much as I could.

I wanted this luxey life that would prove “I had made it”.

Looking back I was so naive.

I mean, what good is money if you’re not happy in your business, you’re not truly helping people and you’re not making an impact with your mission.


Not that great.

This has really become a lesson I’ve learned over the past year as the Screw has evolved into something much bigger than we expected.

And the idea of making an impact on someone’s life is what truly lights me up these days.

What’s more is this was further hammered into me when we got the chance to chat with Yanik Silver.

You see, Yanik is one of the greats.

He got his start over 15 years ago and homeboy has seen some shit.

Though he initially started out wanting to make cash (like most of us do) it has quickly evolved into him wanting to make a dent in someone’s life.

And as you’ll learn in this episode this purpose of his has been the catalyst for many courses, in-person events, lectures and best-selling books—including his newest, Evolved Enterprise.

Want to what his journey looked like from a 12-year old kid learning copywriting and cold-pitching doctors for his dad’s business to multi 7-figure entrepreneur and future astronaut…say whaaaaat?!

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • What was Yanick Silver doing before he became a world-changinentrepeneur?
  • What is Evolved Enterprise? How Yanick’s book is shaking things up and bringin’ back the soul!
  • We’re dishing on impact, profit, and entrepreneurship that makes a difference
  • How to find your why, unlock your calling, and create a business around your truest self
  • Why you need to get intrigued about what you love, and learn how to leverage it
  • Keep it real! How (and why) to connect with people authentically
  • What is the psychology behind selling, and which mediums can help you use it?
  • Scared of tech? How to make IT your bitch and get to work where it counts
  • “Process” not “profits”! How to use your skills and vision for long-term gain
  • Want a cyber-family? How to build a  community by curating great content
  • The power of following up. How are you getting into your audience’s minds?

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