3 Signs That Your Facebook Group and Your Business Are Out of Sync (PLUS how to get back on track!)

3 Signs That Your Facebook Group and Your Business Are Out of Sync (PLUS how to get back on track!)

When your Facebook group is doing nothing for your business, you have 3 choices:

  1. Continue living with it (please don’t do this!)
  2. Change it
  3. Get rid of it

My opinion is that if you have a Facebook Group, then it should be impacting your business.

Obvious right??

Well, not for most.

In fact, in a recent poll we ran inside our Free Facebook Group over 50% of people said their group was either not impacting their business, or they just didn’t know.

With that being said, here are 3 signs that your Facebook group and your business are out of sync and how YOU can get it back on track again.

Sign #1: Some People Don’t Know YOU Are The Group Leader!

Deep down do you have a feeling that some group members aren’t aware that you even exist?

It’s actually more common than you think!

Here are some other indicators:

  • When someone replies to your post or comment in a way that seems like they don’t know who you are
  • When YOU post something in your group, you get less comments than other members
  • When someone posts a question asking for suggestions on experts related to your niche and your name doesn’t come up once in the comments

The good news is that now you can at least solve this issue.

Here are some suggestions to help you stand out more as the group leader.

How To Make Everyone Know You Are The Group Leader

There’s a lot you can do, but we wanted to focus on the 3 biggest ways to help you identify yourself more as the admin.

#1: Add Your Name & Head Shot to the Cover Image for the Group

This is really easy to do and if you want to see an example, request access to our free Facebook group and take a look at ours.

#2: Create a Pinned Post That Announces You as the Group Leader

We all know the pinned post appears at the top of the group and will be seen the most by your group members so why not use it!

Use it to tell people about yourself and what your business does.

#3: Introduce Yourself Once a Week To New Members

Did you know that Facebook gives you an option to write a welcome post to new members?

It’s true and it works for groups getting between 1-100 members a week!

facebook group welcome post

Make it a habit once a week to let in new members and write a short welcome post letting them know who you are, what you do and what they can expect from this group.

Sign #2: Your Group Is Growing But Your Revenue Is Not

Sound familiar?

More group members does NOT always equal more customers.

Or maybe it does?

The question you should be asking yourself is, “am I tracking the results I’m getting from my Facebook Group?”

If you don’t know how to track what’s happening, then you’re not alone.

Like we mentioned earlier, over 50% of group owners don’t know if their group is being effective.

We’re going to show you how to start tracking when people interact with your business from inside your group.

Sound good?

How To Make Sure Your Group Contributes To Your Bottom Line

The only way to monitor if your group is being effective is to track links people are clicking that potentially lead them to a sale.

The BAD news is that Facebook doesn’t provide you with that kind of information.

The GOOD news is that Google does and it’s super easy to make happen.

Step 1: Create a Spreadsheet To Track Your Links

This means any link that goes to your website or other landing pages that have the potential of turning into a sale.

Things like:

  • Sales pages
  • Blog posts
  • Opt in pages
  • Webinar registration pages

Create a list of all possible links you could post into your Facebook group in the future and list them out down column A.

Step 2: Fill Out Google’s URL Builder

Next, for each of the links you have in your spreadsheet use Google’s URL builder to create unique tracking links.

Here’s how:

    1. Website URl: Enter in the link you added to the spreadsheet
    2. Campaign Source: Enter in facebook
    3. Campaign Medium: Enter in facebookgroup
    4. Create the link and add it to column B in the spreadsheet

Step 3: Start Posting Your Links More Often In Your Facebook Group

That means adding links to relevant posts and suggesting them when replying to comments from your members.

Just be sure to only post links that are relevant to the conversation otherwise they’ll go on deaf ears.

Step 4: Monitor Traffic Through Google Analytics

Each week, check to see how people are interacting with your links inside your Facebook group.

Just go to Acquisition >> All Traffic >> Source Medium and look out for links appearing under the Source/Medium of facebook / freegroup.

Now that you have a way to track how your Facebook group members interact with your business, you can start experimenting with creative ways to get them clicking on your links.

Sign #3: You Constantly See Posts Unrelated To Your Niche

This happens all the time!

If fact, it happened to us.

We built a Facebook group to almost 50,000 members before…SHUTTING IT DOWN!

Yes, you heard that correctly!

We did that because most of the conversation was not related to our niche.

Instead the group became an eco-chamber of bullshit and annoying excuses for why people couldn’t achieve results.

After shutting it and starting back up again with our new Facebook Group, we focused only on producing content RELATED to our niche.

Surprise surprise our business started to grow again!

How To Get Your Group Refocused And Back On Track

Firstly if the name of your group is not related to your niche your business is in, then you need to change it.

I recommend either naming it after your brand (eg. The Screw The Nine To Five Community) OR naming it after something related to your niche (eg. online entrepreneurs community)

Fortunately Facebook allows you to do this and it’s quite easy.

3 Steps To Changing Your Facebook Group Name

  1. Click in the gear icon in the top-right corner of your group and select Edit Group Settings.
  2. Next to Group Name, click to change the group name.
  3. Click Save at the bottom.

That was easy!

Post Relevant Content DAILY In Your Facebook Group

The second thing we recommend is to get into a habit of posting daily content related to your niche inside of your group.

To make life easier, pick one day a week to batch schedule content for the next 7 days.

Oh and 3 other things:

  1. Check Facebook Group Insights to see which days have the most engagement so you can post your best content on those days
  2. Insert custom links you just created whenever you can in your daily posts
  3. Don’t be afraid to switch things up from time to time as people get bored of the same old theme posts every single week!

Okay that was a lot, so let me break down your action steps…

Your Action Steps

  1. Add your name and face to your cover image
  2. Create a pinned post that announces you as the group leader and what you do
  3. Create your first welcome post if you haven’t already
  4. Start creating trackable links using Google’s Link Builder
  5. Change the name of your group if people find it confusing
  6. Schedule out a week’s worth of daily posts on topics related to your business (and do this each week)
  7. Drop a comment below letting me know if this was helpful!

Thanks for reading.

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