3 Prompts To Help You Set Intentions For Your Business In 2020

3 Prompts To Help You Set Intentions For Your Business In 2020

It’s a new year! A new decade! A new chance to set reso…

No, wait, no…let’s try that again. 

It’s a new year! A new decade! A new chance to set intentions!

There we go. 

If you’re like me, you’re ready to hit the ground running; you’ve drawn graphs and sketched dreams and written lists…

Or maybe you’re much more chillllllll, and you’ve just been waiting for the right article to come along and help you outline your intentions…

Well, my friend, you’ve come to the right place. I’m here to help you set intentions that will give you peace of mind and equip you with structure and get you excited for 2020 and help your business thrive and

Can you tell I’m pumped!?

You may have noticed I keep using the word intentions. That’s because I don’t make resolutions. Resolutions don’t provide strategy for how to achieve your goals; they’re things you want minus a framework to help you get there. But intentions serve as a daily check-in to keep you mindful, motivated and focused on the present to help you take actionable steps to your future. 

New year, new you? Try new year, same you, best version you can be. 

Listen, you determined, driven dreamer, you: it’s 2020 – don’t walk around blind! Pour yourself a cup of coffee, grab your favorite journal, and let’s get to setting intentions for your business using the following prompts: 

1. What is my ideal lifestyle and how will I take steps to manifest it? 

Many entrepreneurs start businesses because they have a vision of what their life will look like, and they’re not willing to settle. They’re the trail-blazers who take work into their own hands and build a business to make a living and a life. 

If you’re not already doing so, now is the time to get clear on your ideal lifestyle. Starting off the year with a clear vision will keep your intentions streamlined and intentional. 

What is your ideal lifestyle? Dream big, my dude. Then, put positive energy towards what you want in your business. Your mindset has the power to hold you back or propel you forward. If negative thoughts rule your mind, you won’t be able to manifest your dream job. Why work against yourself? 

Personally, I’m a huge fan of creating vision boards. If you don’t know what you want, flip through a stack of magazines, cut out words and images that emphasize your values, mantras, and dreams, and paste them on a poster board. Then place it somewhere where you can see it to remind you of where you’re headed and how your intentions can get you there! (This can be your “2020 vision” board. LOL.) 

Let’s say you’ve got the right mindset, and you’ve already created your vision board (go you!); what steps will you take to make your dreams reality? What daily intentions will you practice to reach your long-term goals? Chew on that for a couple of minutes.

2. What are the things I want and need, and what excess can I live without? 

As an entrepreneur, you wear a lot of hats in addition to ‘business owner.’ Maybe you’re also a mom, teacher, coach, creative, investor…

Half the battle in business is balance. If you want to grow your business in 2020, you’re going to need to focus most of your time and energy on it, which means there are other roles you will need to spend less time in or give up altogether. 

What is most important to you? What are your priorities and passions? Reflect on where you are opposed to a year ago and where you want to be; what do you need to give up to get to where you’re going? What do you need that you’re willing to sacrifice for? What do you want that you’re not willing to sacrifice? What habits can you improve to help you achieve the goals you want and need to improve? 

Maybe you need to think about outsourcing this year, or hiring more employees, or getting better at time-management, or cutting out things you think you’re supposed to be doing that don’t really help your business at all. 

Get clear on what worked in 2019 and what didn’t; then, evaluate how you can cut out the excess in your life, manage necessities in your business, and pursue the things you want in life and work.

3. How can I simplify my life to pursue the business ventures I’ve been dreaming about? 

Odds are if you’re an entrepreneur you’re also an over-achiever. Let’s face it: the need to achieve is in our entrepreneur DNA. 

January is a good time to reset. It’s a good time to simplify your life. This is different from cutting out excess in your business. When you simplify and cut out excess, you give yourself a substantial amount of energy and clarity to focus on your intentions. Ahhhhh…that sounds nice. 

Maybe simplifying your life looks like decluttering your house or setting a morning routine or investing in a meal-delivery service or ending unhealthy relationships. Whatever steps you take should create more space for you to think about your ideal lifestyle and business needs. 

The biggest way you can simplify your life? Learning to say no

I know, that hurt a little, right?

It’s time to learn to control your FOMO, because by saying yes to everything you are indeed missing out by agreeing to things that won’t actually help you pursue your business. 

Think about the things you’re currently saying yes to in your life that require a significant amount of your time; are these things draining or life-giving? Are they adding joy to your life or are you simply afraid of missing out? Are they propelling you toward your business goal or stealing time from your business? Are they benefitting your business and/or life or stressing you out? 

Simplify your life so you can focus on your intentions, pursue your ideal lifestyle, and achieve your business goals. 

Maybe you didn’t accomplish everything you wanted to last year. Maybe you broke every resolution. Not this year. This year you’re ready. This year you’ve set intentions and built a framework to follow through. This is your year, and by golly, you’re going to kick its a**.

Now that you’ve worked through these prompts, what are your 2020 intentions for your business and how are you going to accomplish them?

I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

Thanks for reading.

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