Grow and Scale Your Business: 3 Things You Should Do Each Day

Grow and Scale Your Business: 3 Things You Should Do Each Day

There’s a lot of expert advice out there in the online space about how to grow and scale your business. So much so that it can be really confusing to a new (or even seasoned) entrepreneur as to what they should actually be doing — especially when it comes to prioritizing under time constraints.

But I want to make it really simple for you because, after many years of growing and scaling online businesses (while also working full-time), I’ve decoded the basic necessities to building a thriving business, and the mandatory things we should be doing each day as entrepreneurs to truly grow and scale.

Create content for your IDEAL CLIENT

Creating content for your potential prospects and clients is how you get seen, heard and KNOWN. It’s how you are able to position yourself as the expert, get people to think differently about the problems we can help them solve, and draw people into your brand. 

This can be done through a blog post, social media post, podcast episode, YouTube video, or FB live. These aren’t just random posts or published videos, however; these are very strategic pieces of content that speak directly to the desires, pain points, and challenges that your ideal client has (directly related to your expertise).

 Part of creating strategic content requires research and discovery in order to understand the language they’re using to describe their situation and exploring the words and phrases that truly resonates with them.

Talk to your ideal client

Most people get stuck in content creation mode and really miss the mark on the connection piece. You can’t just hide behind the screens of your devices and think that sheer content creation will get you known for your expertise. It’s the one-on-one conversations that make the most traction. 

But because it’s more grassroots and feels like the “slower” way to grow your business — most entrepreneurs skip this step. While it may feel like this approach is inefficient, those one-to-one connections have a major compound effect. 

Reach out to people through messages, zoom, or coffee and focus on building relationships. This will elevate you as an expert and leader and your expertise will start to spread through word of mouth. As a byproduct of that, you’ll also build a community of raving fans that know, like and trust you.

Serve and Give 

In my opinion, this is the most important, and will always come full circle for business owners. If you’re more logically wired, it’s hard to prove the ROI on the “servant” business model — but it’s just the way the universe works. If you’re always a TAKER and focus less on GIVING, your business will eventually stall. And truthfully, having a thriving business means serving others. 

Most people get so focused on growth that they forget their bigger purpose. We are in the business to make a difference and elevate the lives of others (no matter what industry you’re in) and when we can give to others (whether that’s just through love, attention or the act of giving), we will create so much more abundance in our business. 

This could simply be reaching out to people and letting them know you’re thinking about them, sending a written thank you card in the mail to a client or prospect, or sending a surprise to a friend or family member. 

So, there you have it — Create, connect and serve. It’s really simple if you think about it, right? Don’t get caught in the minutia of things that aren’t growing your business. You definitely won’t regret it!

Thanks for reading.

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