Sales Funnel Series Part 1: The Read Magnet

Sales Funnel Series Part 1: The Read Magnet

You know what sucks?

Having a killer product, program or service and feeling stumped on how to sell it.

I mean, let’s keep it real, sales are the lifeblood of our businesses!

So when you’re struggling to get your offer in front of the people who are perfectly aligned with it, things can start to feel a little…ummm….stabby.

Luckily, there is strategy you can implement in your business that will help streamline your sales process and better yet, automate it.


Want to know what it is?

Click play and dive into Part 1 of our 4-Part Sales Funnel Series!

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4 thoughts on “Sales Funnel Series Part 1: The Read Magnet”

  1. I love the term “read magnet.” I’m setting up my freelance writing business and I was wondering, is it ok if I use this term? Or do you have it trademarked?



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