[EP 76] Josh & Jill Answer: What is the Best Way to Drive Traffic to Your Website?

[EP 76] Josh & Jill Answer: What is the Best Way to Drive Traffic to Your Website?

Let’s keep it real…

When you’re first building your business, it can be quite challenging to get the traffic flowing to your site. 

I mean, no one really knows who you are or what your business is all about!

So what’s a webpreneur to do if you’re just starting out and need to start building traffic to your site?

Well that’s exactly what Elizabeth asked Josh and I in this episode of Screw Qs.

And you know what we did?

We A’d that bad boy and broke down 2 of our favourite free traffic hacks that you can use starting NOW!

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • The easiest FREE way to start driving traffic to your site
  • How to find sites to write for who are currently accepting guest posts
  • A second killer free traffic hack to spread the word on your business
  • Why you should only focus on free traffic in the early days of your business
  • A big tip to keep in mind when pitching yourself

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