[EP 79] Nikki Elledge Brown Answers: How Do You Bust Through Writer’s Block?

[EP 79] Nikki Elledge Brown Answers: How Do You Bust Through Writer’s Block?

Ugh. Writer’s block.

The struggle is REAL!

And what’s more is it can be suuuuper frustrating trying to embrace your inner writer when the words are straight up escaping you.

So you tell yourself “it must be me” or “I’m just a bad writer” or “no one is even going to care” and you shoot yourself in the foot before you ever write one word.

Let me tell you: You’re not alone.

What’s more is there is a way to not only bust through that writer’s block, but get into a writer’s mindset…without tearing your hair out.

And we have just the lady to break it all down…

Ever wonder how some of the web’s best bloggers, marketers, copywriters and communicators seem to always craft the most compelling copy?

Nikki Elledge Brown is breakin’ it all down (hey! That rhymed!) and busting out some easy-to-use tips that will help get the words flowing and your confidence growing.

I’m on fire today.

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • The power of creating a “copy bank” to get inside your dream customer’s head
  • Why it’s so important to speak your customer’s language
  • How to get people to “hear” you before they hire you
  • Why you need to keep the purpose of what you’re creating in mind before you ever start writing
  • The power of patience & giving yourself permission
  • Why mindset matters more than you think
  • How to know whether or not your copy is hitting the mark

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2 thoughts on “[EP 79] Nikki Elledge Brown Answers: How Do You Bust Through Writer’s Block?”

  1. I loved this episode, especially this part about mindset. It can be too easy to get in that negative frame of mind but a simple reminder like Nikki said “I’m getting better every day” is a great way to get into the right frame of mind.


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