[EP 93] How Scott Bamford Went from 12 Hour Days to Pure Passive Income

[EP 93] How Scott Bamford Went from 12 Hour Days to Pure Passive Income

I have to be honest for a sec…

When Josh and I first created Lifestyle Affiliate, we didn’t know if anyone would throw down the cash to join.

I mean, we believed in our system and framework, and we knew it would work for our members…if they did the work.

But we didn’t know if anyone would want to commit the time necessary to really figure it out.

After all, “passive income” is SUPER sexy, but when you learn about all the hard work that has to go into it just to get to that point it kinda loses its appeal.

Fortunately, our members have blown our damn minds with their progress and we have members making their first few sales, members bringing in $400/month within their first few months, members who have hit their first $1,000/month, and then we have…

Scott Bamford.

Scott joined us inside Lifestyle Affiliate in July 2014 just to see if it was possible to make $500 extra a month.

Fast-forward 1 year and Scott recently posted he’s making close to $7,000 a month!

That’s nearly a 6-figure business in less than a year!

So how did he do it?

And more so, what’s his journey been like?

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • How did Scott first dip his toes into online marketing?
  • Hear Scott explain how he dealt with information overwhelm and self-doubt.
  • What’s the one thing that’s had the greatest impact on his business?
  • What is the marathon mentality and why has it been so powerful for him?
  • How can you create a tsunami of momentum in your business?
  • How to be okay with fear and getting out of your comfort zone
  • Why comfort zones kill dreams
  • Does your first online business have to be your one and only?

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9 thoughts on “[EP 93] How Scott Bamford Went from 12 Hour Days to Pure Passive Income”

  1. I really loved this particular podcast because as with so many things your inner critic can turn on you when you start new things and it’s nice to hear that it happens to everyone! Thanks Scott, that was very inspiring.

  2. Hey guys, Great podcast, I’ve been looking at your LA….how google dependent is this method of affiliate marketing? I’m curious due to all the recent google changes and the recent hoopla regarding PBN’s….Love what you guys do!

    • Hey Patrick! The 4-page model is super G-dependant…but all the uproar about their updates and this change and that change has been going down ever since we got started back in 2102…and yet, the model still works!

      With that being said, Josh is about to kick off a case study with one of our members where they will be building an authority site…which won’t be as Google dependent

      So you’ll get both forms of training if you join us ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. OMG. Great, AWESOME episode. There is so much great content here. This really touches me deeply. Scott has said so many things that can I relate to. He has talked about the same fears and sense of hopelessness, and so much more. Thank you very much Scott. I am very glad that I just recently joined. I had no idea where this would really go and if I could really do this, but after listening to this episode, and being a member of such a great community, I know that I have a long way to go, and a lot to learn, but I feel, no, I KNOW that this new hope will drive me. My desire is growing everyday, and I am so pumped up. This is a great episode, and such a great community, like a family. I am in the right place, and I am so glad to be here. Thank you Jill and Josh, and thank you too Scott.
    Love ya guys.


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