A Complete Project Planning Guide For Entrepreneurs

A Complete Project Planning Guide For Entrepreneurs

Whether it is a product launch, social posts or blog post, every project needs detailed project planning and management. A lot of these stories are brief and short, while some are epic with adventures and twists! Despite every drama and length of the story, every one of them has a baseline or the outline or as it is called in a project management world, a project plan.   

Basically, project planning is a process of defining the objectives and establishing the scope to achieve them. It is the most important factor to make up project management.  The project management plan is the output of the project planning process.

Project planning doesn’t have to be complicated–I promise! 

Keep scrolling down and find what project planning steps you should follow to create a perfect project plan!

Know Your Team’s Expectations

Your team members could be anyone who is affected by your project plan. It can be your end-users or customers. Identify all your team members and keep their review in mind while creating your project plan. 

Have a one-on-one meeting with your team members to get a brief idea about their budget (if they’re clients), scope expectations, and timeline. 

Then create a document to write down and finalize scope details to get everyone on the same page and avoid costly communication problems. Controlling the budget is critical during this stage of the process, whether it’s for your own company or for your client.

Prioritize Goals

Now that you have your list of team members’ requirements, organize them and set project goals for each one. 

This process will give you a very clear outline of the project objectives, or the benefits you’re hoping to achieve. Briefly explain your objective to your team or clients and make it crystal clear for them to understand.  

Schedule Your Project

Look closely at each output and identify a series of tasks that must be done to achieve that deliverable. For each step, decide the amount of time it will take, the resources you’ll need, and who will be responsible for each task. 

Next, look for any dependencies. 

Do you need you complete particular tasks before others begin? 

Here’s an awesome time monitoring software that you can use to make sure you’re using your time as efficiently as possible.   

Identify Issues With The Project Plan

Remember that no project is without risk. Just hoping for best isn’t going to do you any favors! 

Look for issues on upfront that might affect the process of project planning, which could be upcoming vacations a core team member may have planned. 

Look for any unexpected circumstance that could ruin your plan– that could be international holidays or a messy season. 

When planning a project, you should have an idea about managing the risks in a project, and also keeping in mind the steps that you should take, either to prevent the problem or completely eliminate its negative impact. 

Present Project Plan

Hand over your plan to your team members and explain your solution to any conflict. You don’t want to make your presentation one-sided, rather have an open discussion with your team members and be open to all types of feedback. 

Now, determine roles! 

Which one of you will see which report, and how often? 

Who will improve certain decisions? 

Work as a team to get the required results, get help from teamworks time tracker to be more efficient. 

Make your plan as clear as possible so that your team members won’t need to chase you down for small questions or updates. 

It’s a wrap

It is good to think of your project plan as a never-ending work! 

Document each version of your project, being as detailed as possible. During the procedure, you will see patterns. Maybe your team is performing good in many areas, however, there might be a few areas that still have room for improvement.

Do you feel fully equipped for your next project planning adventure now?!

Thanks for reading.

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