[Ep 125] How Jose Guevara Started a Profitable Side Hustle in Under 3 Months

[Ep 125] How Jose Guevara Started a Profitable Side Hustle in Under 3 Months

Here at the Screw we are all about celebrating our own.

And this week we’ve got a treat for ya…

A bonafide home-grown success story!

Now, maybe you aren’t part of our private membership community, Screw U, just yet…

Maybe you’re still on the fence about it or think it’s not for you…

[Ummm, why?!]

In which case, you might now know Jose Guevara.

But let me tell you, here is one badass affiliate master!

And he’s one of the most epic contributors inside our Screw U community.

I mean, in just three months, he has applied everything in Screw U to absolutely OWN his affiliate business and get it up to making $2500 a month.

Ummm, excuse me? It took us at least six months to get to that point.


And get this: he’s done it all alongside his 9-to-5, as a chiropractor.

So you can ‘crack on’ (I couldn’t help myself) with your excuses all you like- meanwhile this is one man ‘snapping’ himself (I’m on fire!) into some serious action.

What’s his secret?

He’s a hardcore hustler…

A relentless learner…

And a a fearless implementer.

Fortunately, he’s also a sharer.

And he’s here with us today to dish his story and how he did and what’s working for him right now!

Wanna find out what it is?

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • How did Screw U member Jose go from earning $0 to $2500 in just 3 months?
  • The methods and strategies that Jose used to steadily grow his online income
  • Still in your day job? We talk how to hustle on the side!
  • What is your ‘why’? Jose shares his motivations and his pursuit of freedom
  • How to implement your learnings by doing something every day
  • Why you need to stop overthinking and dive straight in
  • Are you taking yourself seriously? Why (and how) to invest in your success

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