[Ep 106] The Most Powerful Marketing Strategy No One is Talking About

[Ep 106] The Most Powerful Marketing Strategy No One is Talking About

So, you’re totally *killing it* and have built a following.

You UTTER badass. I knew you would.

And if that’s not happening just yet…I’m tellin’ ya, keep going.

Because it will, I promise.

Yep. You are going to reach a certain point…

A critical point…

A make or break point…

For many people though, it’s a scary… ‘what now?’ point.

And no, I’m not talking about how to spend all that delicious income. I’m talking about something far, far more important.

Your audience.

There they are- right there! Together online. Sitting pretty.

Looking at you…

Waiting for you…


But…. um, what do you actually DO with them, now you have them?

How do you keep them?

How do you manage them?

How do you sell to them… without being a sleazy salesman?!


Now, before you panic yourself into terrible automated sales pitches, or -worse still- back silently into a reclusive corner and ignore everyone… remember this:

You are HUMAN.

And that’s what followers need to experience you as, time after time, in order to transition into your community.

Why is this powerful?

Because people crave community.

They crave interaction, engagement, and human recognition of their struggles.

They crave like-minded people who get them…

People who understand their needs.

They crave YOU!

Yes, little old you….

To listen.

To be accessible.

To be reachable.

To participate.

To facilitate a community that they can find acceptance in.

And if you can fulfill this human desire and give them want they need…?

Yep. You got it. You’ll have hit the jackpot.

So, how do you use this super-powerful marketing strategy?

Why don’t you just click play, and listen in to find out the REAL secret to successful community-building!

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • What is community marketing?
  • Why should you engage with your audience? The powerful link between interaction and sales.
  • Just HOW do you court your community and get them involved?
  • Want to step up your interaction with your followers? You need a presence in their space!
  • Think beyond Facebook! From membership programs to forums, we discuss which tools to use.
  • The importance of being… HUMAN.
  • The ONE main thing you absolutely need to build a powerful community!
  • Introducing the BEST new app for community building, and why YOU should be checking it out.

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