Becoming A Powerful and Effective Coach (Without Burning Out) with Tripp Lanier

Becoming A Powerful and Effective Coach (Without Burning Out) with Tripp Lanier

Have you ever felt that tug to do something more? But then you just… don’t do it. 

Come on. Be honest. We KNOW you know what we’re talking about. 

At first, it’s a small nudge that’s easy to push away. You wonder if it’s just your old friend self-sabotage popping in to distract you from your current path (theeee worst). 

It’s safer to just keep chugging along, right? 

HA. Wrong. Because here’s the truth: you can’t ignore that nudge forever. When your soul knows it’s time to level up in your life and business, it’s as impatient AF. 

So what do you do when it’s go-time, but your brain keeps making excuses to stay put? Well, aren’t you the lucky one… that’s exactly what we’re unpacking in this episode.

This topic totally hit home for us.Jill’s been getting that itch to try something new for awhile now, but has been facing that dreaded resistance. 

So who better to light a fire under your (and her!) ass than THE Tripp Lanier?

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere, Tripp is the guy entrepreneurs, founders, and even freaking Navy SEALs go to when they’re out of sorts and need a “reset button” to get back on track. He’s in crazy-high demand as a guest on podcasts, and even has his own, The New Man, that’s been a 13+ year staple for entrepreneurs who are ready for more.

Tripp joined us to share just a shit-ton of insight, including his top 3 tips on how to deal with that resistance like…

  • Not buying into the idea that risk is always so damn dangerous (like, seriously)
  • Instead of moving away from it, you gotta dive right into it


Oh come on, now…you didn’t think we’d just give it all up now, did you?

Tune in and turn it up, because you do NOT want to miss this.  And trust us…you are gonna want to take notes, because what Tripp’s putting down is pure gold.

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Gems we mentioned today:

The Big 3!

  1. Inspire to make a change
  2. It’s all about connection 
  3. Connect the value of offering 

Nuggets you don’t want to miss:

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