Podcast Interviews: How To Land ‘Em and How To Take Advantage of ‘Em

Podcast Interviews: How To Land ‘Em and How To Take Advantage of ‘Em

So, remember how last week we talked about all things visibility?

And we started sharing our process for finding, pitching and landing guest posts to boost the exposure for your business?

Well, this week we’re going to build upon that bad boy and dive into one of our favourite visibility strategies…

Podcast interviews!

Because while guest posts are awe.some. for building attention, your list and links to your site that can feel a tad tedious.

Podcast interviews however are more time-friendly AND they allow new audiences to feel like they are getting to “know” you faster.

How do you find the right shows to pitch and how can you avoid the dreaded pitch slap?

Hit that play button and listen in.

The Biggest Takeaways from This Episode:

  • {3:20} Why organic visibility is a huge focus of ours in 2018
  • {5:55} How to find podcasts you can pitch
  • {6:55} Our iTunes search process
  • {10:25} Avoiding the “pitch slap”
  • {13:15} How to increase your chances of landing your show pitches
  • {17:05} A cheeky hack for finding even more podcasts to pitch
  • {20:30} How to be a captivating guest
  • {22:55} A helpful (yet powerful) way of getting a purposeful link on the show’s website
  • {25:35} WTF is “media week” and why we’re obsessed with it

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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