4 Fun and FREE Ways to Increase Online Visibility and Get Noticed in Your Industry

4 Fun and FREE Ways to Increase Online Visibility and Get Noticed in Your Industry

So, you’ve got this brand you’ve been building for the last few months, but no matter what you do you just can’t seem to get the kind of online visibility you need to turn it into a success.

What’s even more annoying is other people in your space seem to have no problem getting featured, rocking interviews and owning the spotlight in popular FB groups.

Cue the urge to day-drink!

I mean, let’s be real here…

The online space is getting bigger and noisier, and it can be hard to make a splash and increase online visibility when you’re first starting out.

Fortunately it’s not impossible.

And since it’s one of my main jobs here at the Screw to get our brand “out there”, I’ve learned a thing or two about getting seen.

Ready to amp up your online visibility without spending a dime on paid traffic?

Let’s get into ‘er…

What Is Online Visibility And Why Do I Need It?

Short answer?

Nah, you don’t.

That is assuming you want to build a business no one knows about, let alone cares about.

I know that sounds a tad harsh, but here’s the thing…

If you know you want to make an impact online, build a sustainable business and finally have that dreamy lifestyle you see sooooo many people raving about, you have to get out there and create a connection with different audiences.

But, how do you do it in a way that doesn’t come off as “desperate”?

You get strategic and you follow these four steps.

1. How To Create A Content Calendar

I know, I know, content calendars. *yawn*

It sounds so boring!

But honestly? It’s downright necessary.


Basically, to keep yo’ ass in check, on point and consistent.

Oh, and to give your content a purpose and rip you out of “I’ll just wing it”

Because look, if there is one thing I’ve learned when it comes to building attention around a brand, it’s that consistency and purpose around your content is everything.

From your social media presence to your weekly content to your newsletters, creating a consistent content schedule builds attention.

I mean, think about it: How many times have you sat down at your computer to write a blogpost, plan out a new podcast episode or outline your newest live stream and thought to yourself “hmmm what should I talk about today”?

Which likely sends you into the throes of analysis paralysis, overwhelm and stops you from even starting.

To avoid that, we’re going to get diligent, embrace our inner planner and create ourselves a fancy schmancy 90-day content calendar.

Why 90 days?

Because if you can plan out 3 months worth of topics in advance, not only will you have a buffer, but you won’t have to deal with the “I don’t know what to say” issue again.

Instead, you’ll have it all there laid out for you, just waiting to be brought to life.

What’s more is you’ll be able to create the kind of content your audience actually wants to consume!

Content that is helpful, straight up info-taining and just begging to be shared.

Doesn’t that sound dreamy?

Your Exposure Action Step

Ready to get this ball rolling? Brainstorm a list of twelve topics you can create content around (each with three talking points) and schedule one topic per week for the next 12 weeks in your content calendar.

2. How To Guest Blog In 3 Simple Steps

Now I know you’ve probably heard people suggest this before, but you might not have a solid system for actually finding the sites you can write for.

Which likely means you’re stuck just stabbing in the dark and only approaching sites you know about.

Well, not with this system…

Because with this hack, we’re going to uncover sites you may never have heard of!

Which means you’ll get to open yourself to a whole new audience.

And that? That is pure organic visibility, baby!

Step #1: How To Find Guest Blogging Sites For Maximum Online Visibility

What’s awesome about this system is that it is so damn easy.

Here’s how it works…

First, do a big ol’ brain dump of all the synonyms related to your niche.

So if I were running a fitness coaching business I would list out words like:

  • weight loss
  • clean eating
  • healthy living
  • at home workouts
  • healthy meal recipes
  • fitness training
  • workout plans
  • weight loss goals

Next, create a second list and jot down specific queries, such as:

  • write for us
  • guest blogger
  • guest post
  • featured guest
  • contribute
  • about the author

Once you have your two lists, open up a Google search and compose your search like this: synonym “query”

Which means your search will look like this: weight loss “write for us” OR healthy living “contribute” OR at home workouts “guest post”…you get the picture.

The most important thing is that you have your synonym NOT in quotes with your query (ie. write for us) IN quotes.

And what this will do is tell Google that you only want to see results from websites that are related to your niche and have the words “write for us” written on the site.

From there, it’s all about the pitch…

Step 2: How To Pitch a Guest Post

Ahhh yes, the pitch.

This is where sooooo-ooohhh many people get it wrong.

Trust me, I’ve seen some horrendous outreach!

To avoid this, simply reframe your pitch from being all about you and getting a spot on their site, to being all about them and their audience.

I know it seems obvious, but you would be surprised how many people get it wrong.

And after pitching and writing well over 100 guest posts in my online career (with a 92% success rate), I think I know a thing or two about getting a pitch accepted.

So to help you avoid the dreaded “thanks, but no thanks” reply, I’ve created a simple template for you to use and reuse to your heart’s content!

Then once you’ve got your pitch accepted, it’s all about making the most out of your author bio…because that’s where the magic happens!

Step 3: How To Use Your Author Bio to Grow Your List

Now this?

This may just blow your damn mind…


Because most guest bloggers simply link back to their site…but not you!

Instead, you’re going to use that little blurb to link to a landing page that is specifically tailored to that audience and offers them a freebie they can’t help but opt-in for.

To do this, you’ll want to use a landing page software like ClickFunnels to create your opt-in page.

Then in your headline, address the specific audience you’re speaking to.

For example, say you had the chance to write a post for Entrepreneur on Fire…

On your landing page you would incorporate “Fire Nation” into your headline so they know that page is specifically for them.

It’s such a subtle tweak, but one I used to garner 254 opt-ins from just one feature!

Then offer them a quick and easily consumable freebie (see how we rock our lead magnets in this post) for opting in— checklists, video tutorials, cheat sheets, printables or audio downloads work like a charm.

Just be sure it’s relevant to the post they just read to keep the interest up.

And that?

That is how you transform simple guest posting into a powerhouse strategy that not only gets your name out there, but builds your list full of people who dig you, your business and what you’re all about.

Your Exposure Action Step

Using the system I outlined above, create your list of synonyms, match ‘em with your search queries and run a slew of searches until you find 20 sites to write for.

3. How To Get On Relevant Podcasts

This one? It’s all about stepping into the spotlight and getting up in their grill.

Who is “they”, you wonder?

All those new audiences you’re going to be exposing yourself to!

Wait…that didn’t sound right.

I don’t mean THAT kind of exposing yourself…

I mean putting yourself out there and being a featured guest on different podcast and video shows.

Now this is actually one of my favourite ways of getting the Screw out there because you get to build credibility, flex your authority muscle and let your personality shine!

But how do you find the different shows or platforms you can grace?


How Do I Find Shows to Be Interviewed On?

Now this one is a bit of a “duh” tip, but if you are ready to get your name out there, there is no better place to start than with podcasts.

I mean, just think about how many interview-based shows are uploaded to iTunes each week.

I bet it’s close to a bazillion. Rough estimate.

What’s more is podcasting is still all the rage and is the perfect medium for you to spread your message.

To find shows in your niche, simply go to the iTunes podcast directory and search through any of the categories that applies to you and your business.

From there, open up the different show pages, look at the left sidebar under “Links” and click on the “podcast website” link.

This will take you directly to that show’s website where you can then search for their contact information and get in touch.

And if for some reason their link isn’t listed, just open up a Google search and search the name.

What’s even cooler about iTunes is they also feature video podcasts.

Ready to get your face out there?

Use this system, but search for video podcasts.

Easy peasy.

But…But…How Do I Pitch Myself?

Yep, it’s the one thing so many of us worry about.

“What if I put myself out there and get rejected?”.

I totally get it, because that feeling sucks!

Trust me, I’ve had it happen.

Fortunately, it’s completely within your ability to control your acceptance rate.

You just need a solid pitch template.

Your Exposure Action Step

Using the iTunes hack, run a few searches and create a list of 10 shows you can reach out to.

4. How To Use Facebook Groups For Marketing

Ohhh snap! Ready to get social with your final strategy?

And if you’re having a “Soooo you just want me to set up a social media profile?” moment, rest assured…that is so not what we’re going to be doing.

Instead, we’re going to be super strategic with this side of our online visibility and only stick to Facebook groups.


Well, quite simply, Facebook groups are supah hot right now!

I mean, I have a rockin’ Facebook group as do a lot of my business buddies and they have been straight up game changers in our businesses.

Now that doesn’t mean you have to commit to creating your own and devote loads of time to it day in, day out.

Instead, I want you to start participating in other people’s FB groups.

How To Find the Right Facebook Group for You

This part is simple.

To get the RIGHT kind of online visibility, all you have to do to get started finding groups is click on “New Groups” in your left-hand sidebar and start searching keywords.

Similar to the guest posting strategy, the key is to come up with a bunch of keywords relevant to your business that you can use to search for groups with.

So, say you were a jewelry designer who wanted to start getting your pieces in front of more people…

You would simply search something like “jewelry” or “Etsy” or even “handmade designs”.

Then as results pop up, open up the group, read the description (to see if it’s right for you) and request access.

See? Simple.

Just make sure you don’t join too many in one go, otherwise you might get flagged.

Then once you’re in, it’s time to introduce yourself.

How To Get Noticed with Your Introduction

Now here’s the thing I notice happening a LOT in groups…

Someone new will join, jump straight in and create a novel-length intro post that is all about them, include a link to their site, sit back and wait for magic to happen.

But that ain’t how this works.


Well for starters, most people don’t have the time and patience to sit there and read a looooonnnng-winded introduction.

And they certainly don’t want to have your website shoved down their throat.

Instead, keep it short and get creative with it!

The best example I’ve seen is when a woman named Bushra joined my free FB group and introduced herself in 2 sentences and ended it with:

“I also like to play games and here’s a game for you…

It’s called 3 truths and a lie. One of the statements below is a lie and the other three are truths. Want to guess which one is the lie?

  • The first time my husband met me I was beating up some dude on the
  • I was once held by the police on abduction charges
  • My favorite ice cream flavour is maple walnut
  • I cook 2 meals a day..every day”

The thread BLEW UP with people welcoming her to the community and taking a stab at which one was the lie.

She instantly became one to watch in the community, created a presence for herself and used it to become the go-to gal for all things persuasion in the group.

YOU can use this strategy to create instant attention around you, your business and what you’re all about.

And the best part? People will LOVE it!

How To Position Yourself as an Expert

Once you’ve introduced yourself and made a stellar first impression, it’s time to engage and participate in the group.

Personally I think it’s best to stick to 2-3 groups that are aligned with your business, rather than spreading yourself thin and not making an impact in any of them.

From there, you’ll want to take the time to plan out one killer post per group that you can share each week.

To do this use the content calendar hack we talked about in strategy #1 to create a posting schedule that will keep your content fresh and impactful!

To help with your post planning, consider these options:

  • Keep it under 500 words
  • Share a story about your journey
  • Share a failure you overcame
  • Share a lesson you learned
  • Share a quote you love
  • Share a how-to tip
  • Share a strategy that is working for you
  • Share a little-known fact about yourself
  • Share a behind-the-scenes moment with a photo

Just be sure to keep it all related to your specific niche and audience you’re trying to attract.

Remember, the point is to be of service to the community, give more than you take, be present and add as much value as you can.

How NOT To Participate in Facebook Groups


There is no way I could end this guide without highlighting what NOT to do in Facebook groups.

Because after building my group up to over 18,000 members, I’ve seen it all.

So for the love of all things holy, please don’t:

  • Push your products or services in the group (if it’s not allowed)
  • Paste your links over photos
  • Link your Facebook page in your posts
  • Ask for people to follow you
  • Ask for people to PM you to work with you
  • Self-promote all. the. time.
  • Only talk about yourself
  • Talk AT the group and not TO the group

It might sound harsh, but I promise you sought-after entrepreneurs do NOT behave this way, and if you want to increase your online visibility you need to command attention, not demand it.

Final Step: Your Exposure Action Items

Using the steps I listed above go out and complete the following action steps:

  1. Using the guidelines above, create your content calendar
  2. Find and reach out to 5 sites that take guest posts
  3. Find and reach out to 5 podcasts that host interviews
  4. Join 3 Facebook groups and craft a compelling introduction post

Thanks for reading.

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  1. This is awesome Jill! Really needed this. I just finished writing a guest post. However, I am not really sure how to do an author bio and link to a lead magnet. Do you have an example of this please? Thanks heaps:)

    • Do you have a landing page for your opt-in, Jalpan? If so, you can simply add that link to your author bio when mentioning ways to connect with you — just phrase it as a freebie to get [insert result here] in a way that is relevant to the post you wrote 😀


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