[Ep 141] The Ultimate Facebook Ads Strategy

[Ep 141] The Ultimate Facebook Ads Strategy

You know how when people talk about their success with Facebook ads they rarely talk about the strategy they use?

Like, they might say “I ran a lead campaign and converted at 37%!”…but rarely do they dive in and explain HOW they actually got those leads?

What I mean is…

Did they run the ads to cold traffic or warm?

Did they retarget those who didn’t opt-in?

How much did they actually spend to get those leads?

And most importantly, did they make any money off the back of the ads?

These are all things I wonder when I hear someone talk about their “sick” strategy.

So we decided to break down our current Facebook ads strategy that we’ve been running for the past month that is not only self-liquidating (hello, free leads!), but has an offer that is converting at 22%!

Want to know how we are doing it and how this 4-part strategy breaks down?

Click and listen!

Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • How we approach cold traffic without feeling salesy
  • How do sales funnels work with FB ads? We break it down
  • Think you should run ads to a lead magnet? Think again!
  • How we truly feel about a blanket site-wide lead magnet
  • What to do if someone doesn’t opt-in
  • How to get opt-ins for pennies per lead
  • What the hell is re-targeting
  • What are intro offers? And what is the purpose of them?
  • Wanna know all about sales funnels?
  • What do we do if a subscriber doesn’t buy our intro offer?
  • The importance of getting your ads to the point of being self-liquidating
  • What happens if someone doesn’t buy your core offer?
  • Find out the different campaign types we use for our ads
  • What do you do with your lost leads?

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4 thoughts on “[Ep 141] The Ultimate Facebook Ads Strategy”

  1. This strategy is phenomenal and gives me huge motivation to get committed to my blog. Launches are so over rated, lol! I also have monthly webinars planned for the rest of the year and am finishing up my low entry offer — which is more like a full blown class, hah! So I have all the pieces in place to start implementing this! And all my clients want to create automated income so they can work with #lesshustlemoreheart so I’m eager to test this out and teach them!

    P.S. This was the first podcast I listened to you someone in a group recommended you when I said I was looking for podcasts specific to sales or funnels!

  2. I am on a Powered Up Vegan diet aka plant based, no sugar (well very little) no gluten no dairy no meat. I juice and also consume tons and tons of sprouts aka live raw foods and my energy is on a whole new level I can’t even describe it. It is truly Amazing.

  3. So if you take the leap and join Screw U, do you get access to ADdicted right away, or is there still the wait list?


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