[Ep 107] How Nathan Chan Went from Corporate Marketer to Foundr

[Ep 107] How Nathan Chan Went from Corporate Marketer to Foundr

Want to know what really stops people from achieving their dreams?

Something every entrepreneur and hardcore hustler has to rise above?

Let’s take a guess…



Personal circumstance?


But I’m afraid the real deal breaker is a lot more sneaky than that.

It’s something that’ll sneak up on you in the dead of night.

Something that will control you. Push you down.

This one thing ensures that most people remain exactly that… most people.

It’s comfort.

The belief that everything is ‘comfortable enough’, and you should strive for no better.

The attitude that nothing more is achievable than what you already have.

Let’s be real about this…

We’ve all had those feelings, right?

When that little voice tells us we have just what we need, and why bother pushing for more?

Watch out, because I’m tellin’ ya…

It manifests itself as complacency.

And complacency is the devil.

Nathan Chan was in this situation a few years ago.

He was an underpaid and overworked IT support worker, doing what he was told by society.

He knew nothing about design, business or publishing.

And he desperately wanted to screw his 9 – 5.

Fast forward a few years, and now he runs a mind-blowingly successful digital magazine for Entrepreneurs.

He is the master of a product that resonates for hundreds of thousands of Screwers.

He interviews the likes of Richard Branson.

He is killing it financially.

So… just HOW did he break out from the comfort zone… and more importantly, how did he do it alongside his soul sucking day job?

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • What is Foundr mag? Nathan shares his passion for cashin’ with us
  • What was Nathan doing before he became an entrepreneur?
  • How did the founder of Foundr do it… alongside his day job?!
  • The methods he used to get hard to reach people like Richard Branson on board!
  • Struggling to get things going? We talk branding, consistency and persistence!
  • Why you should forget perfection and … JUST DO IT

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  1. Hey, I am an underpaid IT guy. Maybe I should listen to this one. LOL. Be back for more comments after I check this one out.


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