[Ep 121] How Natalie Sisson Went from Corporate Slave to Freedom Fighter

[Ep 121] How Natalie Sisson Went from Corporate Slave to Freedom Fighter

You know we like to keep it real. So here’s a pretty intense question:


*Deep breath*

Do you believe in yourself?

I mean, really believe in yourself?

In your expertise? In your business skill?

It might sound like I’m asking nothing except some warm ‘n’ fuzzy navel gazing.

But it’s actually super important.

Because what I’m really asking is this:

Do you really believe that you have something worthy of people’s dollar?

Do you really believe you can solve people’s problems and fulfil their needs?

Or do you feel like your expertise isn’t enough?

Like you’re a fraud?

An imposter?

Because let’s be honest, there are so many new needs on the market these days, and so many ways they can be solved, that sometimes it’s just sooooo easy to drown in it all.

We’ve been there—feeling like our knowledge and experience would never cut it.

So if you’re still feeling like a wannabe, in the ‘fake it till you make it’ zone, then it’s time to take stock of your expertise!

It’s time to realize your awesomeness, and start believing you have what it takes.

According to Natalie, the killer Kiwi behind Suitcase Entrepreneur, this self-belief is a by-product of REALLY knowing what problem your business solves, and how.

After many years on the corporate grind, it took her a long time to distil her passion and expertise down into her succinct value offering.

Now she travels the world, running her online business, and telling others how they can do the same.

She is absolutely on fire, and she’s here with us today to share her secrets!

Wanna find out how Natalie does it all?

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • Who is Natalie Sisson, and what was she doing before Suitcase Entrepreneur?
  • How to use your light bulb moments and distil your vision into profit
  • What’s your offering? How to know your brand and communicate it succinctly
  • Believe in yourself! How to recognise your strengths, realize your potential and sell your expertise
  • All corporate right now? Natalie explains how your current skills are transferable
  • Don’t try and be everything to everyone. We talk finding your audience and niche
  • How to take users on a journey right down the ‘sales funnel’ and start converting

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2 thoughts on “[Ep 121] How Natalie Sisson Went from Corporate Slave to Freedom Fighter”

  1. Great discussion with Natalie. Thanks for having her on your podcast. Huge fan!! Really liked the honesty in the time it takes to really define your proposition. Also appreciated the mindset discussion as well. Good stuff!!


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