[Ep 120] Dan Norris Answers: What Are Your Must-Have WordPress Plugins?

[Ep 120] Dan Norris Answers: What Are Your Must-Have WordPress Plugins?

A lot of us are dependent on WordPress for our businesses, am I right?

It’s a platform we know. And love. Aaaaaaand sometimes hate.

It can be soooooo frustrating.

We all want to get our WordPress skills wowing, but there is a lot of conflicting info out there.

That’s something entrepreneur Dan Norris knows all about, and it’s the reasons he created his WordPress fixes business, WP Curve.

This is a man who knows WordPress well! And he is smashing business with his ‘press powers.

So, because at the Screw we loooooooove bringin’ you the expert know-how, we thought we’d open it up and see if you guys had any burning WordPress questions for him.

Then Scoupie Shannon asked about the most essential WordPress plugins, and we knew we were onto a winner.

I mean, if you’re anything like we first were, you’ll have a gazillion running at once, not really sure why, and be wondering why your site loads slowly…


But just how do you know which plugins are the real deal, and how do you chose them?

Tell us your secret weapons, Dan!

Turns out, it’s actually pretty simple. Dan favours…. THREE.

Easy, right?

So, what are the three essential plugins that Dan swears by?

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • Multiple entrepreneur Dan Norris spills about his must-have WordPress plugins
  • Keepin’ it simple. Why you don’t actually want too many plugins anyway
  • Do you need a stats plugin? How to ace your analytics with external software
  • How fast does your site load? The different caching options you should consider
  • Ensure your content reaches your audience with this simple SEO plugin
  • Find out which plugin cuts through the BS to encourage quality comments
  • The importance of knowing which plugins add value, and which slow you down

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  • Ensure your site loads quickly with a caching plugin such as W3 Cache
  • Site still loading slowly? Consider a caching web host like WP Engine
  • Make sure your content gets found with Yoast SEO
  • If WordPress search just ain’t cutting it for you, check out Swiftype
  • Encourage quality discussion with comment plugin Disqus

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