[EP 02] 3 Different Monetization Models to Make Fat Cash on the Web

[EP 02] 3 Different Monetization Models to Make Fat Cash on the Web

Last week we covered a topic that was near and dear to our hearts and business; 3 things you need to have to go into business with your lovah.

Now, the reason we chose that topic for our first ever podcast was because so many couples (and singles) go into business together, but don’t really seem to have a game plan. Needless to say, these are the people that generally don’t make it long term.

So, to build on last week’s episode, we are going to focus on one of the must-haves we mentioned—monetization models!

A pretty damn important topic, don’t you think?

Because here’s the thing: choosing a monetization model before you get going can really help you narrow your focus, niche down to a specific set of customers, create a brand that will appeal to that ideal audience, and ultimately help you make more money (and create more freedom!) in your business!

And let’s be honest, we all want to make more money, right?

You bet your sweet buns we do!

“Initially when we first thought about it, we thought, what the hell do we know about Poodle training. What do we know about that? What we do know is how to market those personal brands.” – Josh

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Words of Wisdom in This Week’s Podcast:

  • The model Josh and I teach; simple and low-barrier of entry
  • How long it takes to start making money with Affiliate Marketing
  • The two different ways you can use E-Commerce to make money
  • How to make fat cash by selling your own products and services under a personal brand
  • Freedom Hint of the Day – fun fact; we’ve got 3 for you!


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6 thoughts on “[EP 02] 3 Different Monetization Models to Make Fat Cash on the Web”

  1. ‘Love the new podcast — You two are awesome. I just started with Anton’s DSL course, and I’m excited. Good luck on your upcoming course as well!


    P.S. …Hope you guys get on Stitcher too.

    • Oh nice!! I’m stoked to hear you joined Anton’s course!! Did you just hear about it through this episode or were you already scouting it out at that point?

      He’s such a great dude 🙂

      Also – sorting out Stitcher this weekend!!

      Thrilled to hear you’re digging the podcast!!!

      • Actually, I heard about Anton’s Course thru JohnnyFd :: http://www.travellikeabosspodcast.com/ I just saw your post on twitter & came over & was like, “Wow? New podcast!” and listened in.

        My blog will still be my main love, but diving-into to DS is going to give me & family more options & get the entrepreneurial wheel spinning. I’m planning to visit Chiang Mai in October for Anton’s Retreat. Maybe Josh will be there?

        Awesome podcast!


        • That’s wicked…well happy you’re getting into DSL!!

          And good to know about the event – I just told Josh about it and he’s definitely interested in it. Just sent Anton a message to find out the deets 🙂

          Thanks for the heads up on that and keep us in the loop on your progress with your sites!

  2. I’m loving the new podcast too 🙂 and I can’t wait to meet up with Josh again out in Chiang Mai this October. There will be a HUGE group of us out there.

    Robb, I’m glad you’re excited about this event! It’s going to be epic 🙂


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