5 Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Writing Copy

5 Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Writing Copy

“Kathryn, I know what I want to say in my head, but I have such a hard time getting it out on paper so it sounds good. And then I end up spending hours trying to write copy for a single email only to have very few people open it.”

Sound familiar?

Well you aren’t alone! Lemme tell you that!

It’s something I hear a lot of when working with my clients. Ya know… those dreaded hours spent writing, what you thought was the perfect email, only to have your open rate being as low as our current interest rates.

And that sucks big time! 


I mean, what is the freaking point of spending all that time writing emails if no one is actually going to read them.

I feel ya sista, the struggle is real.

That is why I want to share with you five common mistakes I see entrepreneurs make when writing copy. 

And these mistakes are often one or more of the reasons your emails, social posts, or FB Ads are flopping instead of thriving. 

So are you ready? 

Let’s dive in!

1. Done in Isolation

We all know what a one hit wonder is right? 

Ice Ice Baby.

Who let the dogs out?

Tainted love.

Those singles hit the airwaves for a short period of time and then *poof* like that they were gone.

While this helped the artists get noticed, their fame died pretty quickly afterwards, because they didn’t produce anything else worth raving about.

And that is one mistake I often see entrepreneurs make when writing copy. They write a single email in isolation of their big picture messaging strategy and long-term plan.




….that it lands with their audience.

But the thing is, when you write your copy in isolation of everything else, you are working to create a “one hit wonder.”

You may luck out with one piece of copy that gets a hit of engagement, but the rest is likely going to fall flat.

And let’s be real, no one wants to be known for a one hit wonder.

I mean, what is Vanilla Ice even doing these days? 

So to avoid this, think of your messaging as a journey that you want to take your customers on. Starting with them getting to know you, then liking you, and finally trusting you enough to buy your products and services. 

And each email, social post, or FB Ad are pieces of copy that fit into that journey.

So the next time you sit down to write that email you’ve been putting off start by asking yourself: 

Where are my customers in their journey with me? 

What do they need to hear from me during this stage of the journey?

Keeping in mind you want that journey to be soooo gooood that it never ends! 

2. You’re Speaking to the Masses

Have you ever been in a busy mall where someone is walking towards you waving & frantically mouthing…hey?

For a split second you wonder…is that person talking to me, while looking over your shoulder to see if they are talking to someone behind you.

But you are convinced they are waving at you. So you start to point at your chest with your index finger, and mouth back…are you talkin’ to me?

Only to have them brush by you quickly, and hug their friend directly behind you.

Now that was awkwarrd!!

Well that is exactly how your audience feels when they read your copy and it sorta, kinda speaks to them. But it also sorta, kinda speaks to everyone else, which leaves them asking, “Are you talking to me?”

And you and I both know, this is the last thing you want!

So, in order to craft compelling messaging that builds a highly engaged audience you must start by speaking to ONE person.

Scary, I know! But hear me out!

When you speak to many, you are actually speaking to no one. And it leaves your audience confused AF.

And a confused audience won’t buy! 

Let me repeat that….


Your audience needs to feel like you are living inside their head, and that you are only speaking to them.

Sounds creepy, I know. 

But the only way to do that is to pick one dream client you want to talk to, and make it your mission to talk directly to them.

And watch the magic happen when you focus on speaking to that ONE person like you would to your BFF.

3. You’re Not Rocking the Boat

Do you ever catch yourself playing it safe and writing in a very neutral voice to avoid pissing people off? 

Ya know, self-editing your social posts, because you aren’t sure people can handle what you have to say, or you’re terrified of those trolls lurking around the interwebs spewing hatred everywhere.

I get it! 

Those trolls can be nasty!

But another common mistake I see entrepreneurs make when it comes to writing copy is not creating polarizing content in fear of rocking the boat.

Can you relate?

The truth is…if you aren’t taking a stand for something you are:

Blending in.



And you and I both know, if you aren’t standing out, you aren’t being seen. 

So how can you start rocking the boat?

4. You’re Not Direct Enough

Imagine getting a wedding invitation in the mail with all the essential deets like date, time, and location.

But…there is one thing missing the RSVP by X date.

If you’ve planned a wedding, you know how critical those numbers are for planning, right?

But if you don’t ask for it, do you think people will RSVP on their own? 

I mean, do they text, email, phone, or post on the couples FB? 

So many questions!

Well, just like the wedding invitation, it’s also important to give your audience very clear instructions in your copy on how you want them to act.

But far too often I see copy that doesn’t directly ASK the audience to take action. And if your copy doesn’t include a call to action your audience won’t know what to do. 

So, what do you want your audience to do?

Comment below.

Hit reply.

Sign up.

Buy now.

Identify your call to action, and include it in each piece of your copy. This invites your audience to engage in the way you want. 

5. You’re Making it ALL About You

We’ve all met those people that spend the majority of the conversation talking about themselves. 

And when you try to get a word in edgewise, you’re cut off with another story about them.

How do those conversations make you feel? 



Checked out.

Turned off.

Welllll… I hate to break it to you, but another common mistake entrepreneurs make is writing copy that is all about them and not their audience. 

No offense, but your audience doesn’t give two hoots about how amazing you are, or how much time you put in to creating the best product or service. 


Your audience only cares about how the thing you’re offering is going to help them. 

It’s that simple!

So less about you boo, and more about how you’re going to help your people. 

So now that you know these common mistakes, how can you start creating killer copy that builds a highly engaged audience? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

And to learn more ways to write copy that sells, check out How To Connect With People And Write Copy That Sells Your Products To Anyone.

Thanks for reading.

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