Why We Shut Down Our $330,000/year Membership Community, Screw U After 3.5 Years

Why We Shut Down Our $330,000/year Membership Community, Screw U After 3.5 Years

Nearly 4 months ago Josh and I made one of the hardest decisions of our entrepreneurial life…

We decided to close down our private membership community, Screw U after nearly 4 YEARS of having it.

Whyyyy did we do that…especially when it was the biggest part of our business?

We’re sharing the full uncensored story in this episode!

The Biggest Takeaways from This Episode:

  • Why sometimes we just need to give ourselves the permission to choose what we want to do.
  • How not consciously deciding who you want to be and how you want to be spending your life and business can lead you down the ground-shaking path of not being in alignment.
  • The truth about what a membership site can mean for your time and energy.
  • When we realized we were trying to do things on the outside to make us feel better on the inside… (which FYI, never works) and what we did about it.
  • Why zooming out and letting yourself see the entire big picture is the key to figuring out exactly what it is that you truly want.
  • The reason you need to get real with yourself about what you want entrepreneurship to be for you… and how much ease this will bring to your day to day.
  • Why doing something in your business because you feel like you have to means you’re actually working a JOB, and not running a BUSINESS.
  • How making tough decisions and closing a door can mean more opportunities to show up and serve even more people in the most authentic way.

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10 thoughts on “Why We Shut Down Our $330,000/year Membership Community, Screw U After 3.5 Years”

  1. So much RESPECT and LOVE for you two! Jill, the ONE thing you taught me over the last several years is that I have a choice and I get to do business my way! I also closed down a continuity program in my business after a year because I didn’t enjoy it. At first, it was a tough decision because it was giving me recurring income, but after I got clear on what I wanted, it was the best decision I made. I’ve since replaced that income (and then some) with something that requires virtually NO time at all. When you close one door, another opens. I’m excited to see what’s in store for the two of you!

    • Thanks for the love Torey and I’m so glad you had the courage to make that decision. Making calls like that is EXACTLY the kind of mindset people need to become successful entrepreneurs. So happy for you 🙂

  2. Loved the podcast and hearing how your family is the guiding light behind your business. Quick question: what’s going to happen to the courses you guys have produced? Will those still be available for purchase?

    • Thanks Chachi! Not sure what we’ll do with the courses moving forward. Whatever decision we make, we for sure want to make sure we have the time to serve customers the way they deserve.

  3. SO get you both. I’ve tried and tries to work in the network marketing arena but fundamentally at my core do t want to have people relying on me, I am not good at baby-sitting and this has given me a huge amount of clarity around what I want (passive income and freedom) and what I dont want (to have to look after others). Straight up but the truth. Tha tks guys. LOVE your work! X


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