How To Make Money By Following Your Intuition

How To Make Money By Following Your Intuition

How many times have you caught yourself following your Intuition versus listening to your mind?

If you said, “Yes! All the time!” Then let’s increase your abundant flow!

If you are asking, “What’s Intuition? I don’t think I’m intuitive at all.” 

Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered with three steps to uncover more of your Intuitive self.

Intuition is tapping into the part of ourselves that has no stress, is completely aligned, and can see the entire perspective. It’s receiving spiritual guidance from our Higher Self and our spiritual helpers. It’s easy to ignore because we are distracted by day to day stress and tend to focus on what’s tangible in front of us. While Intuition is intangible, it definitely produces tangible results (like growing your business). It’s a skill set we need to cultivate.

When you listen to your Intuitive hunches, you can make more money! However, a lot of entrepreneurs get stuck in their head and block their Intuitive messages because they are strictly following funnels, strategies, step-by-step tutorials, and feel that they need to do everything by. the. book. 

Learning the tried and true ways to market your business is 100% a must-do, but totally sticking to that plan, without flexibility for Intuitive change, can leave you stuck in limitation mode.

Whether you’re launching an online program or you’re providing an amazing service to your clients, if you’re not open to receiving your messages, you are capping yourself at how much money you can make.

Of course, you’re not usually aware of this, but by only following your logical marketing strategy without a sprinkle of Intuition, you are trapping yourself into a set amount of revenue. Instead of limiting yourself, you need to be open to expanding. It’s not until you really start following your own inner guidance (or gut feeling) that sets you on a path of expansion.

Think about it for a minute….the online 7 figure gurus are teaching absolute GOLD! But, they aren’t all teaching the same thing. The reason is because they’ve found what works for them by following their own Intuition. They’ve created their own thing!

In previous launches, I’d follow the teachings I learned to a T (which got me great results), but I kept capping myself at the sales I would generate. 

But why?! What was I doing that was holding me back?!

I bet you already know… I wasn’t following my intuition! I was just doing everything by the book instead. 

When I finally allowed myself the flexibility to pivot from “by the book” to a mixture of logic and Intuition, that’s when the needle started to move!

If you are wondering, “How in the freaking heck do I tap into my Intuition?” 

Wonder no more!!! 

I’m going to help you tap into your abundant flow in three super-simple steps I’ve personally used to grow my business to six figures.

Ready?! Let’s do this! 

Step 1: Clear Your Mind.

It sounds easy, but implementing it can be a bit more challenging than you’d think! 

First off, let’s just be real. Entrepreneurs can carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and get stuck in the hamster wheel of “go, go, go, do, do, do.” We always have an ongoing to-do list! Time can seemingly become like sand, seeping between the cracks of our fingers as we try desperately to gain control of it, which leads to working all the time.

News Flash: Working all the time doesn’t mean that you are necessarily physically working on your business. It also means that your mind doesn’t turn off!

Have you ever lost hours of precious sleep because you are thinking of allllll the things you need to get done? I’ll raise my hand and admit that I’ve had plenty of nights at 2 AM feverishly writing my to-do list–which just resulted in puffy eyes on my live video the next day. Not a good look for me! 

If we are always in “do” mode, then we aren’t going to be in “receive” mode. Receiving is so important!

Taking time off from the busy mind is where you create space for your intuitive ideas to flow. If your Intuition is trying to send you an idea, but you are in the midst of thinking, you are blocking what you need to be accepting.

Whether it’s ingrained in you that you must be busy to be successful, or you just feel like you can’t ever get ahold of your schedule, it’s time to let go of those beliefs. When you reset your body and mind, that’s when you can tap into your balanced, aligned, and intuitive self.

A simple exercise to clear your mind so you can start following your Intuition:

Imagine a chalkboard…and think about all of your thoughts written on that chalkboard. If you have trouble visualizing, you can feel or intend that it’s there. Imagine yourself taking an eraser and scrubbing the chalkboard clean! You can hear the eraser touch the chalkboard and you can even make the motions with your hands as you wipe away all of the mind chatter. Once the board is clear, so is your mind. Hold this visualization for as long as you need, but you can do this in 5 seconds or less.

You can also make time in your schedule for relaxing or walking in nature. Taking time away from the laptop is oh-so-important if you want to remain open to receiving.

Step 2: Understanding How To Follow Your Intuition by Receiving Intuitive Messages

Once you’ve cleared your mind, it’s time to recognize how you personally receive your Intuitive messages. Everyone is Intuitive, but that doesn’t mean everyone receives message the same way. 

Some people visualize, while others hear their inner voice. Some entrepreneurs really feel a decision with their gut, while others just have an idea pop into their mind like a lightbulb went off. 

Here are the four main ways to receive intuitive messages. You can experience one, two, three, or all four ways!

Visualizations – 

If you are a highly visual person then you likely will receive some amazing Intuitive genius-like messages through dreams or visuals. When your mind is clear, an idea or answer might come to you in the form of a symbol.

A very weird-but-true example is when I was receiving guidance on my diet. What I saw were upside-down ice cream cones being dropped from the sky. As I just allowed my mind to be clear, the meaning came to me: Drop the dairy!

You can also see what your future will look like after you’ve cleared your mind. Pay attention to the visual. 

Where are you standing?
What does it look like?
Who are you working with?
What are you doing? 

This is your Intuitive guidance showing you the way.

Inner Voice

If you like to talk a lot or are a good listener, then that means you might start to hear your Intuitive messages. It often sounds like your inner reading voice, but an Intuitive message often comes in very fast and without a prompt.

If you are asking about a project that you want to embark upon when your mind is clear you might hear a ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ 

Often times we get our Intuitive messages when we are cooking, driving, or showering because our mind just moves into an auto-pilot state. I was driving and received a paragraph-long message about the next steps I need to take on my business. It sounded like I was talking to myself with my inner reading voice, but it was really fast. It literally felt like I was having a conversation with myself, but I was getting so many answers! I was tapping into the abundant version of myself.

Gut Feelings – 

This is the most common way we tend to recognize Intuitive feelings. It’s as simple as just feeling good or bad about something. If you have a business decision to make, after you’ve cleared your mind, you might feel good about something or get a clear ‘no’ in your gut. 

If you are nervous about a decision, I recommend feeling into why you are nervous and the answer might surprise you. When I felt nervous about expanding my business, I questioned whether this was the right decision. I asked myself why I was nervous and the answer was, “You are afraid of success.” 

You bet I was asking even more questions about why I was nervous about success and what success really meant to me. This uncovered more of my limiting mindset and helped me remove it.

You can also ask for your business. This will help take your nerves out of the equation and make it more of a business decision and not as personal. 

Example: If Jill and Josh were making a big business decision they could ask themselves, “Would this next step benefit Screw The Nine To Five?” Take this question, insert your business name, and pay attention to your feelings.

Thoughts & Knowings – 

You can just know what you need to do without feeling, hearing, or visualizing the answer. Perhaps a thought pops into your mind or maybe you are the type of entrepreneur that doesn’t need to think about something because you just take action on your knowing. 

Sometimes business owners with a strong knowing just start taking action without thinking. As long as they are tapped into their Intuition, then they are following the flow. A great example would be implementing a new business idea or starting to announce a new program without it being developed yet. You set things into motion without fully knowing the next steps, which brings me to step 3.

Step 3: Follow Your Intuition by Taking Aligned Action

This is the most important step to making money with your Intuition! 

When we tap into our Intuition, oftentimes we see/hear/feel/know the action we need to take, but we don’t have all the details about HOW to make it happen.

All we need to do is set it in motion by taking baby steps. 

Let’s say that you received a message to hire a VA, but you don’t know where to start. You could research how to hire one, ask a fellow entrepreneur for their experience, or write down the duties you would want your VA to take over for you. The key is that you don’t have to do everything at once because if you do, you will feel overwhelmed and never take action on your Intuitive message.

Don’t let fear stop you. We might be super excited about a message we received but then stop ourselves because we get tripped up in the details.

Recently, I received an Intuitive messages to revamp my latest program, double the pricing, and write a completely new training. I second-guessed the crap outta that message and twice I decided I wasn’t going to do it at all!

I couldn’t see how I could fit more time into my schedule to revamp everything, so I wanted to completely bail and just go to my regular launch plan–which in previous launches made decent money, but was nowhere near the goals I had.

I was comfortable to just do what I had always done, but that didn’t mean that was an acceptable reason to continue. I had been asking for guidance on how to expand my revenue and make a bigger impact.

So, I finally decided that I needed to take action on what I received if I wanted to make a change. I found the time, hired someone to review and edit my copy, and followed my Intuition the entire launch. I didn’t stress, I didn’t freak out, I just cleared my mind, let the messages flow in, and tapped into the abundant version of myself. When I did that, I had the most successful launch I’ve ever had. I spent 33% of my previous ad budget and at the same time doubled my revenue. 

When we move into the flow of our energy and Intuition, we expand our energy to accept more financial abundance. If you are receiving guidance, it’s for a reason. If you want to change your income, you’ve got to change how to get there, right? Change can seem scary, but it’s necessary for growth! When you are tapped into your Intuition, you can turn those scary vibes into excitement, knowing that you are widening your financial path! Here’s to you following your Intuition and adding more mulah to your business. 

Thanks for reading.

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