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Mailchimp Alternatives

7 Best Mailchimp Alternatives. It can be tempting when starting your business to pick free tools. This decision led many business owners to choose Mailchimp as their email marketing software. Mailchimp is a great tool, but it has limitations. Namely automations and segmentation. They also changed their pricing structure. Which meant that the costs quickly mount up when your subscriber list grows and you’re no longer eligible for their free tier.  

Maybe you’re ready for more functionality? If so, read on as we’re highlighting the very best Mailchimp alternatives.

If you’re looking for the best email marketing software this post is for you. There are so many sites promoting their preferred software. We wanted to highlight the very best Mailchimp alternatives in one place to save you time. This post will help you decide which software will be the best fit for your specific business needs.

We have compared the software based on many factors including:

  • Is there a free tier?
  • The pricing scale after the free tier?
  • Automation possibilities?
  • User-friendliness?
  • And many more factors

Before we get started, it might be that Mailchimp is the best option for you. There are certain circumstances when staying with Mailchimp makes the most sense. 

It might be wise to stay with Mailchimp if:

  • You want attractive emails that are easy to put together

Mailchimp’s drag and drop editor means that creating a good looking email is easy. 

  • You want detailed reporting

Mailchimp actually has very detailed reporting systems for tracking your emails’ performance. They can integrate with Google Analytics, Geotracking, Social media and click maps to provide you with a full picture of your emails’ performance.

  • Your email list is very small

As mentioned earlier Mailchimp has a new pricing structure. The 2000 (free) contact limit includes unsubscribes and those who haven’t confirmed. Plus each subscriber is counted separately for each thing they opt in for. If you’re well below 2,000 subscribers, then Mailchimp could well be a good option for you. At least for the time being until your list grows.

On the flip side, you should consider Mailchimp alternatives if;

  • You want to manage multiple mailing lists:

Mailchimp count a person as an individual subscriber each time they sign up to a different list. This means if you have 5 freebies and user ‘A’ signs up for them all, that one person will be counted as 5 subscribers. There’s no good way to merge lists or create interdependencies between them, so you have to live with it.

Better alternatives for multiple listsConvertkit, ActiveCampaign, SendInBlue.

  • You need a landing page:

If you want to use landing pages as a segmentation tool or as part of a sales funnel, then you’ll need to look at MailChimp alternatives. At this moment their landing pages are very basic and don’t allow for A/B testing or any sophistication in design.  

Better alternatives for landing pages: GetResponse, MailerLiteConvertKit

  • You want to reduce costs:

It can be difficult to figure out how much your email list will cost you. With some companies charging per individual subscriber, regardless of how many times they ‘subscribe’. Others charging each time someone signs up and some charging for the number of emails you send. 

Cheaper alternatives to Mailchimp: MailerLite and SendInBlue who both charge per individual regardless of how many things they opt in for.

  • You’re looking for more complex automations:

Mailchimp is limited in terms of the marketing automation features it has, although they have some basic autoresponders. If you want to get the maximum benefit from your emails you’ll want to tag users depending on behaviour, split test, segment users and set up workflows. None of which you can do in Mailchimp. 

Better alternatives for automations: Convertkit, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse

  • You want a strong data protection solution:

Mailchimp aren’t the most data protection-conscious company. If you’re looking for software incorporating a robust data-protection solution then consider the alternatives. 

Better alternatives:  SendInBlue

Best Mailchimp Alternatives for Entrepreneurs


Email service

Overall rating





Email Service Providers

$29/m (up to 1k subs)
$49/m (1-3k subs)
$79/m (3-5k subs)



$15/m (up to 500 subs)
$49/m (up to 2.5k subs)
$89/m (up to 5k subs)/m



$11-$37/m (up to 1k subs)
$35-$59/m (up to 5k subs)
$45-$79/m (up to 10k subs)



Free – 300 emails a day         £15 monthly/£13.50 month paid annually (40k emails a month)                                      £23 monthly/£20.70 month paid annually (60k emails a month)                     £39 monthly/£35.10 month paid annually (120k emails a month)                    £102 monthly/£91.80 month paid annually (350k emails a month)



$20-$45/m (up to 500 subs)
$45-$70/m (501-2500 subs)
$65-$95/m (2501-5k subs)



$10 – Unlimited emails a month/0-1k subs                    

$15 – Unlimited emails/1,001- 2.5k subs                                  

$30 – Unlimited emails/2,501-5k subs                           

$50 – Unlimited emails / 5,001 -10k subs  



$49 (up to 500 subs)
$122 (up to 3k subs)
$184 (up to 5.5k subs)

Why We Love ConvertKit?

As you can see from the table above there are a few great choices when it comes to Mailchimp alternatives. To some degree the best option will depend on how you intend to use the software, your email marketing strategy and your business goals. 

Over the years here at Screw The Nine to Five, we’ve used two main email service providers, ConvertKit and Active Campaign. 

ConvertKit was created by Blogger, Nathan Barry primarily for other Bloggers. If you identify as a blogger, content creator, creative entrepreneur or a small business owner, then ConvertKit could be perfect for you.

While we also think Active Campaign is an awesome tool, we understand that ConvertKit is more user friendly and so is a better fit for most people, especially those moving from an entry-level platform like Mailchimp. 

Active Campaign has so many amazing automation features, which for entrepreneurs starting out, might be more than they need. 

I hope this post has helped you to decide which email marketing tool would be a great Mailchimp Alternative for you. 

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