[Ep 111] Josh Bauerle Answers: What type of business should I register? LLC or S Corp?

[Ep 111] Josh Bauerle Answers: What type of business should I register? LLC or S Corp?

I have something really sexy to say to you…


Currently having a hot flash?

Sweaty palms?

Racing heart?


Me too.

Just… for all the wrong reasons.

Okay, so lets be real here…

Bookkeeping can be dull, overwhelming and kind of scary!

It’s certainly not the most fun thing to do. We get it.

And apparently,it’s keeping you guys up at night!

Again… for all the wrong reasons.

In fact, it seems y’all are really concerned.

Dare I say, even a little bit lost when it comes to all things accounting and bookkeeping?

I mean, seriously? The Qs have flooded in for this topic…

So we thought we’d bring a badass CPA onto the show to A a bunch of your Qs!

And we’re gonna kick it all of with “how to register your business”!

Ohhhh ahhhhh!

I know. So exciting!

But here’s the thing…

If you register your company correctly, you’ll save yourself a lot of moolah.

Suddenly this topic seems a little sexier, right?

Well, are you ready to be a bookkeepin’ baddass?

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • What is CPA on Fire and how can they help you?
  • Help! LLC or S-Corp? We’re breakin’ it down
  • The huge tax savings you need to know about
  • Why isn’t everyone S-Corp? Misinformation and salary obligations
  • Get the right help! We talk pay-roll companies and automation systems

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