How To Start Living Like An Entrepreneur While Still In Your Nine To Five

How To Start Living Like An Entrepreneur While Still In Your Nine To Five

For entrepreneurs, ideas; coming up with them often, believing in them no matter how far fetched they seem, and standing by them, are the only true way to take your life into your own hands. 

Too many people wait for inspiration. 

But if you truly want to make this Screw the 9-5 thing work, you have to make yourself the only who person who controls your dreams.

This one sentence contains everything you need to know about starting to live like an entrepreneur while you’re still in your 9-5.

If financial freedom is your dream, then you have to control your income, which means creating products, freelancing, making passive income from affiliate marketing, selling books, courses, teaching seminars – do any one, or even better, all of these.

Want to make your own hours? Then you have to control your time (which leads to the same conclusion).

Why aren’t you the only one who controls your dreams already? Because you’re afraid.

That’s okay.

We all are.

Afraid of what our family will think if we leave our “stable job”.

Afraid of what friends might say.

Afraid of our customers rejecting us.

Avoiding rejection is a powerful motivator. But it makes us miserable.

As long as you choose to live with that fear, instead of acting in spite of it, you are giving others the power to make your choices for you.

Remember this, and carry it with you as you make your first steps: You have to make yourself the only person who controls your dreams.

The Biggest Takeaways from This Episode:

  • The importance of building your idea muscle… and how to come up with ideas you could go all in on.
  • Why stretching yourself every day will allow you to always be moving forward and never hit a complete stop in your business.
  • How to take stock of all of the people in your life holding you back from going after what you truly want.
  • The best ways to identify the people who are going to shoot down your ideas and how to avoid conversations that make you feel like crap.
  • Why protecting your thoughts and your space with positivity is the best thing you can do for yourself and your business.

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2 thoughts on “How To Start Living Like An Entrepreneur While Still In Your Nine To Five”

  1. I just listened to this episode and thought it was awesome. Getting rid of negative peeps is tough, but necessary and simply surrounding yourself with others in the entrepreneur space/mindset is key. I am grateful to you for the accountability partner that I have today! So important.


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