[Ep 105] Steve Cunningham Answers: How Can I Learn to Speed Read?

[Ep 105] Steve Cunningham Answers: How Can I Learn to Speed Read?

I’m coming clean…

I’m a HORRIBLE reader.

I mean, thank God there are audiobooks, because without them I’d be straight up screwed.

Even in school I hardly read the books we were assigned.

In fact, I almost failed my first year English course in University because I hated reading so much.

And yet, sometimes I wish I was the kinda person who could cuddle up and devour a book.

But it’s just not me.

So when I found the site ReadItFor.Me I was freakin’ STOKED!

Essentially, it’s a subscription service (you know how much I love me some recurring revenue models) that breaks down the main points of a book and presents them in 12 minute videos.


I’m hooked!

So when the founder of the company Steve Cunningham reached out to me and mentioned he’s challenging himself to read a book a DAY, I knew I had to pick his brain.

I mean, how does one read a book a day?

Well, you’re just gonna have to click the play button at the top of the page, download this in iTunes or listen on Stitcher.

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • Why the heck does Steve want to read a book a day?
  • What’s the difference between business books and novels when it comes to speed reading?
  • Why should you start at the table of contents when speeding through a book?
  • What’s so important about the first and last paragraph of each chapter? Steve breaks it down
  • Steve’s biggest tip for speed-reading and why you’ll need your finger for it

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