[EP 81] How Jason Benavides Went from Personal Trainer to Personal Brand

[EP 81] How Jason Benavides Went from Personal Trainer to Personal Brand

You know how some jobs feel like you’re running your own business, but once you get into it you realize “damn, I STILL have a job”?

Personal trainers come to mind…

Maybe even consultants…

And while “making your own hours” is a great perk of any job, you still have a manager to report to.

Or quotas you have to hit.

And days you need to be available.

And a certain conduct to follow.

And so on and so on…and is anyone else doing a mental eye roll right about now?

Well this is exactly what our guest today, Jason, experienced at his job.

So instead of sticking to the grind, Jason decided to take what he knew from his job, strike out on his own and bring his own flavour of athletic performance to the online world.

Curious to know what his journey looked like?

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • What Jason was doing before he started his fitness biz.
  • The importance of sales skills for ANYTHING you do.
  • What gave him the confidence to finally make the leap.
  • Why Jason is totally afraid of faux hawks.
  • How to discover where your passion lies.
  • Advice if you want to leave your job, but aren’t sure what to do.
  • How to rekindle your old passions.

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