How To Connect With People And Write Copy That Sells Your Products To Anyone

How To Connect With People And Write Copy That Sells Your Products To Anyone




We all know the dreaded feelings we get from a blank screen and a blinking cursor.

Sweaty palms.

Overthinking everything.

Frustrated AF.

Wondering why the words won’t flow. 

Can you relate?

It’s funny how much power a blinking cursor has over us, but the pressure is real!

Because we both know that writing killer copy is vital for getting people to hit the “BUY” now button.

Am I right?

But yet we still struggle with how to say what we want to say in a way that has our tribe chomping at the bit to buy our stuff.

That is why I want to help you crush your copy and attract all those amazing peeps you are meant to serve …even if you don’t know how to write copy that sells.

So buckle up friend, because I am going to dish it to you straight! And I promise it’s not all writing hacks or copy tricks.

You Gotta Walk the Talk

Do you ever wonder how some entrepreneurs can move people with their WORDS?

Ya know…

Rachel Hollis.

Alicia Keys.

Amy Porterfield.

Gary Vaynerchuck

And we can’t forget about Oprah freaking Winfrey!

No matter what they write or say their fans are eating up their every word like it’s the freakin gospel. And they’ve built an amazing community of loyal and raving followers.  

Wanna know the TRUTH behind how it’s done?

If you’re struggling to convey your message in a way that moves people, I hate to break it to you but your VIBE is likely off.

Maybe it’s the blinking cursor that is bringing you down, or you just aren’t feeling inspired. 

Maybe the nasty little voice…aka Janice… is running rampant in your head saying things like…

You aren’t a good writer. You don’t know how to write copy that sells.

Your copy stinks.

Either way…if you aren’t embodying a high-vibe ENERGY your copy will reflect it.

And we both know what that sounds like…


You can’t just state it, you’ve gotta show it and own it.


“If your presence doesn’t work, neither will your word” – Yogi Bhajan

Here are a few examples to help you raise your vibe so your words move people to hit the “BUY” now button:

  • We are energetic beings, meaning… we feel shit.  So if you aren’t passionate about what you are selling, your people will feel it in everything that you write and say. And they won’t buy. It’s that simple. So friend, you gotta infuse your Alicia Keys, “This girl is on FIYAAHH!” energy into your messaging if you want to turn those followers into raving fans.
  • Check in with yourself often. And start asking yourself WHY do you do what you do? And what do you stand for? I am a strong believer that we must tune in to our inner voice first before we attempt on how to write copy that sells to our audience. If we aren’t aligned with our inner voice, and truly connected to our “why,” our copy is going to flop. It’s vital for our words to connect with our energy if we ever hope to make REAL connections with our audience. Take the time now to tune in and listen to your inner voice so you can start authentically sharing. Personally, I meditate and journal daily. But find something that works for you. 

Connect First, Sell Last!

The days of pushing your products or services on people you barely know hoping they will buy your stuff are looonnnng gone! 

It’s like the creepy dude at the bar that won’t leave you alone. 

You know what I am talking about, right? 

No matter how much shade you throw…this dude is perrrrsistent in getting you to have a drink with him. 

Even though you just met, he’s coming on strong and pulling out all the stops.

It’s actually making you feel icky, and even a little sorry for the guy. 

But after many attempts, and terrible pick-up lines, you cave. 


Because you’re too F-ing nice. And you think if I just have one drink with the guy he’ll leave me alone!

So you sit totally turned off and hating every minute of the interaction. And you are mad at yourself for caving. 

Now think of the energy it took that dude to FORCE you to have a drink with him. The reality is…most people don’t cave. 

And that is exactly what you are doing with your messaging when you sell first. You’re the creepy dude in the bar.

You don’t want that, …do you?

I mean, I certainly don’t want to build my business around forcing people to cave. Beating them down with persistent and pushy methods so they say yes. 


So to avoid that…our messaging should focus on “turning one time customers into lifetime customers” – James Wedmore. And that isn’t done with needy, desperate, pushy tactics. 

It’s done by forming real connections with our audience first, and focusing on making an offer last. 

So here are a couple of ways I focus on writing copy that builds real and lasting CONNECTIONS with my people:

  • Nobody wants to be sold to right off the hop. Your neediness and desperation to make a sale is pushing your people away, instead of drawing them in. If you are communicating with a cold audience lead with service. Provide value. Show up, and be seen. This helps your audience get to know you and decide if they like what you are dishing out. And it’s okay if people don’t. Remember neediness and desperation isn’t a good look.
  • Share stories of your journey that are RELATABLE with where your audience is in their journey. Remember this is about them. This is why getting to know what your audiences’ struggles, fears, beliefs, and desires are is key to writing killer copy. But what’s even more powerful is meeting your audience where they are in their journey with understanding and compassion. The “holier than thou” approach doesn’t work. 
  • Always INVITE them into the story. Often times we write and share stories, but we make it all about us. This makes it hard for our audience to connect with what we are saying, because they can’t quite see themselves in our stories. This can be done by simply asking them: “do you agree?!” or “does this sound familiar?” or “can I get an amen!?”
  • Your messaging should take your customers on a journey. From the very first point of contact with you to the point of purchase and beyond. At each stage of the journey you’ll have a different purpose for your copy. But the goal is to make and maintain REAL relationships with your audience whether they buy from you or not. Don’t be that friend that only hangs with you when they need something…aka selling your offer. NURTURE that relationship like you would with your BFF. 

Find the Right Crowd

Have you ever attended a party, but you didn’t really know anybody?

At least not very well anyway. 

And one to two drinks in — your inner Amy Schumer starts coming out!

“I asked for a glass of Chardonnay. And in a 9/11-like twist, they didn’t have any. They offered me a Pinot” – Amy Schumer.

You are dropping some pretty funny shit, but the room isn’t catching it.

Nobody is laughing. 

People seem offended.

Can you say…awkwarrrrrd.

It’s like they just don’t get you. 

And for a split second you catch yourself thinking…

Maybe I am not that funny.

Maybe my jokes are too offensive.

Maybe I need to tone it down a little.

You are second guessing yourself big time. 

But the truth is, just because your jokes didn’t land with that group of people doesn’t mean your shit isn’t funny. 

It just means you’re delivering your message to the wrong people. You are hanging out with the wrong crowd. 

You see, your copy could be amazing, but if you aren’t delivering it to the right people at the right time it won’t matter how great it is. 

It’s like trying to sell wine to someone who doesn’t drink, or a cruise to someone who is afraid of water. 



So before you go rewriting your copy or thinking it isn’t good enough, start testing it with different audiences to see what lands or doesn’t land. 

Here are a couple of ways to help you do that:

  • The numbers don’t lie, but our emotions can trick us sometimes. So the only way to know for certain that our copy isn’t resonating with our audience is by testing it. For example, run two different FB Ads with two different forms of copy. Place them in front of the same audience and see what copy performs better. If neither ad copy lands with your audience, change the audience and see what happens. This will give you an idea if the copy sucks or the targeting is off. Scared to run FB Ads? No worries! Try testing your email subject lines. To write copy that sells, write two different ones and send them to the same list. See which subject line has your audience opening your emails. 
  • Share your copy on a variety of different platforms and at different times. For example, do you get better engagement on IG versus FB? Do your email open rates change depending on the time of day you send emails? Monitor what works and what doesn’t. 
  • When you figure out what works devote all of your energy and time doing exactly that. We don’t want you dimming your light to fit in somewhere you don’t belong. Even worse giving up, because you don’t think you’ve got what it takes.  

So friend, when writing copy, you have to remember that the ‘writing’ portion is only half the battle. 

The writing actually becomes easy when we are aligned with our inner voice and our WHY. It’s when we are out of alignment our words don’t flow. 

So if you are feeling stuck, staring at that damn blinking cursor, pause for a second and tune in. 

Because your audience wants to form a CONNECTION with you. The real and raw you. 

It’s time to step up and own your greatness. The…





Whatever it is, your people are waiting for you. 

You ready?

It’s time to SHINE sista!

Thanks for reading.

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