[Ep 140] How To Use Your Facebook Group to Take Your Business to the Next Level

[Ep 140] How To Use Your Facebook Group to Take Your Business to the Next Level

I’m not gonna sugarcoat it…

This year has been one of mammoth transformation, growth and a wholllle lotta learnin’ for Josh and I.

I mean, if I think back to where we were this time last year (December 2014) we had just launched Screw U as a standalone digital product…

We didn’t really have a strong strategy for how we were going to promote it or get more customers…

We didn’t have a damn clue about sales funnels

We didn’t have a solid email strategy…

We were quite clueless as to how to connect with our audience and understand where they are at and what they want.

Hell, we were still living in Thailand!

I mean, we were babypreneurs.

But man…this year?

So. much. has changed for us.

For starters we completely rebranded the Screw.

We got crystal-freakin’-clear on WHO our dream customer is.

We overhauled Screw U, switched it from a one-off digital product and merged it with all of our other products and services to create the raddest private community for entrepreneurs.

We kicked the doors open to our free private FB group.

And those last two things?

The switch to a monthly membership community and starting our free FB group has changed EVERYTHING for our business.


Well, for the Facebook group, it’s given us a way to speak directly to our audience.

It’s given us an avenue to connect with the members on a deeper level.

It’s given us a vehicle to poll and conduct market research.

It’s helped to grow our list, increase our podcast downloads, sell out our live events, pack out our webinars, get our brand out there in a bigger way than we thought possible (in less than 7 months), and it’s become our biggest marketing channel for Screw U.

What’s more is it has allowed us to welcome HUNDREDS of new members into Screw U without always having to sell, sell, sell.

Simply put, it’s changed the game for the Screw.

So how can you do this?

How can you create, grow and use a free Facebook group to not only get to know your audience and market your business, but use it to strategically grow your revenue in a BIG way?

Well, in this episode we’re dishin’ tips we’ve never talked about before.

So yeah, you’re probably going to want to hit play.

Like, now.

Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • What do spreadsheets have to do with a Facebook group? Find out!
  • The importance of listening to your members & how it will make you money
  • How to evaluate the topics/ideas you get from your group
  • How to know what products and services you should create for your members
  • How to know what you should spend your time and energy on creating for your group
  • Why polling your FB group members is SO important & how to do it strategically
  • Should you niche down or go broad with your products and services? Find out!
  • How to pick a topic for your products and services
  • Read magnets? Lead magnets? Content upgrades? What does this mean? We break it down
  • How to figure out what your core offer is for your business

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