[EP 83] How To Start a Facebook Group & Why it’s Better Than a Page

[EP 83] How To Start a Facebook Group & Why it’s Better Than a Page

Tell me: Do you kinda want to scream, pull your hair out and throw your laptop out the window when it comes to trying to market your business on Facebook?

It’s stupid frustrating, right?

I mean, we’re lucky if we even get 2% reach on our posts these days.


That’s ridiculous!

And while I totally understand Zuck’s whole “pay to play” model, and I’m more than happy to pay for ads, I don’t want to solely rely on that for EVERYTHING I do on FB.

There’s gotta be a better solution, right?

Good news…

There is!

What’s more is it’s even *gasp* FREE!

And on top of that, the engagement is through the roof, the community you can build is unmatched and best of all, you can get started today.

What is it?

Facebook groups, baby!

But why are we SO sold on these groups and how can you start to use them in your business?

Listen in and find out.

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • What are the advantages of Facebook groups over pages?
  • Why is the organic reach for pages decreasing right now?
  • How to avoid paying for reach on Facebook.
  • The different types of groups and which one you should create.
  • What should be in your pinned post and why.
  • How to grow your Facebook group.
  • Is it important to consistently push your Facebook group link?

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