How To Set and Achieve Your Goals in 2016 with John Lee Dumas

How To Set and Achieve Your Goals in 2016 with John Lee Dumas

Be honest with me…

Are you straight up buzzing with 2016 excitement right now?

What I mean is, are you ready to build upon 2015, make a serious dent in your business, set some killer goals for the new year and actually achieve them?

I sure as hell am.

But I’m gonna keep it real with you…

While I love setting goals, they haven’t always loved me back.

Which means I haven’t been the best at locking down the whole “achieving them” side of things.

Now, maybe it’s because my dreams are constantly evolving whereas my past goals have been pretty static…

Or maybe it’s because they weren’t as actionable or specific as they should have been…

Or maybe it’s because I didn’t believe in them the way I should have…

Or maybe it’s because I didn’t have a solid system in place to make the achievement part of them inevitable.

Whatever the reason is, I’m ready to change that this year.

So I brought in one of my good buddies (and fellow hand-hearter) John Lee Dumas from and the creator of to talk all about not only setting goals, but achieving them.

Because look…

I know what it’s like to toast a brand new year, feeling all full of big dreams…and champagne.

I also know what it’s like to shout at your friends in a crowded bar “this is totally going to be the year I {insert goal here}” only to wake up the next day and think to yourself “Yeah, I’m totally going to do that…tomorrow”.

And I want more for you.

I want you to not only set those goals, but tick ’em off one by one.

That way we can make 2016 one for the books.

Sound good?


So click play and let JLD walk you through how to set your goals and achieve them like a true entrepreneurial badass!

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9 thoughts on “How To Set and Achieve Your Goals in 2016 with John Lee Dumas”

  1. Ok so this is straight up awesome. One thing that I got out of this video that you gotta have a plan and then you gotta actually work the plan. Something else that stood out is that it is ok to pivot.


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