Guest Blogging: How To Land Features on Damn Near Any Site You Want

Guest Blogging: How To Land Features on Damn Near Any Site You Want

Visibility and attention.

Do you get enough of it for your business?

If you’re listening to this episode, I’m guessing not.

Which is totally normal, btw!

In fact, we recently polled our free FB group and found out that nearly 70% of the people who participated in that poll were struggling to get the kind of traffic, visibility and attention they wanted to their site.

And we get it.

I mean, damn, it’s noisy online these days.

What’s more is if you don’t know how to land features, guest posts and interviews (and make the most of them for your business) it can be hard to stand out online and get the word out there on you and your business.

Which is exactly why we wanted to devote a series of episodes to all things visibility and attention.

Because let’s face it: Attention is THE currency online, and if you don’t know how to get it you may be left in the dust.

And we don’t want that.

So in this episode we’re kicking off the series with a strategy we used to not only get the word out there on the Screw in the early days, but it’s how we built our first business as well!

What is it?

Guest posting. And more specifically, how to go about guest posting strategically.

Want some of that in your business?

Click play.

The Biggest Takeaways from This Episode:

  • {3:00} Who is guest posting really for?
  • {7:10} How to run a “smart search” to find sites accepting guest posts
  • {9:49} How to compose your searches so you find the best sites to write for
  • {12:22} Let’s talk outreach and how to pitch like a pro!
  • {16:55} How to increase your chances of getting a YES
  • {19:30} How to get the most out of the guest posts you land

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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4 thoughts on “Guest Blogging: How To Land Features on Damn Near Any Site You Want”

  1. Happy to see Hunter mentioned, it’s great to see it is helping to find new contacts to pitch your guest posts!

    Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any feedback or simply want to report something that is not working as it should and we will be happy to help! ->

  2. Great episode Josh & Jill!

    I’m curious about pitching emails, as you mention, to garner a response. I wonder if the person I would be emailing wouldn’t feel like I should have done the research to know whether they are accepting pitches and the way they would like for it to be done if they are. It seems like that would then put me in a negative light and a sure fire toss into the burn box. Thoughts?


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