How To Grow Your Facebook Group…Without Paying for Ads

How To Grow Your Facebook Group…Without Paying for Ads

(This post is part of our Unconventional Guide to Harnessing the Power of Facebook Groups for Business. If you want to get your hands on all the chapters, click here!

You’ve got your group set up, now it’s time to promote the hell out of it in order to get more Facebook group members.

But how do you get the word out there?

After all, if no one knows about your group, how the heck is it going to grow?

Fortunately we have a metric tonne of ideas (both free and paid!) to grow your group, without requiring too much time on your end.


How To Promote Your Facebook Group For Free

On a shoestring budget or simply looking to leverage some free promo?

Over the years we have come up with several crafty and 100% free ways to promote our group.

The best part is you can start using these strategies RIGHT NOW if you have your group set up.

Let’s break a few of these down…

Your Website Navigation Menu

If you have a website (and I’m guessing you do!) then one of the hottest pieces of real estate you have is your nav bar at the top of your website.

Why do we love this strategy?

Because your navigation bar is the first place people will look when hunting down more deets on you and your business.

So why not use it to send traffic to your Facebook group?

We had our group linked on our nav bar for over 2.5 years and it was a wildly effective way to move people from our site into our group with one click of a mouse.

grow your Facebook groupNow, because there is limited space in your nav menu keep things short and sweet and simply create a button that says “Free FB Group” or simply “FB Group”.

From there you simply redirect them to your Facebook Group join page.

Simple and easy.

Just how we like it.

Not sure how to create a redirect to move people from your site to your group?

Josh walks you through this entire process (plus what’s working RIGHT NOW in our group) inside this high-impact training  we created  with David Siteman Garland. 

Now if you’re wary about sending traffic away from your website, don’t sweat.

By sending your website traffic through to your Facebook Group you are still sending them to a space you moderate and can engage with them.

More so, you are inviting them into a private community where they can engage, connect, learn and grow with you—allowing you to build that coveted Know, Like and Trust factor (the KLT as we like to call it) making it easier for you to upgrade them from a free member into a paying customer.

Another option?

Your Thank You Pages

Thank You Pages are one of the easiest ways to get more group members for free and are stupid-easy to set up using a tool like LeadPages or ClickFunnels.

Just think about how many Thank You Pages you likely have!

From lead magnets to sales funnels to free challenges to webinars, if you’re building an email list, chances are you have at LEAST one Thank You Page you can use to strategically move people into your group!

Think about it this way…

People need something to do after they opt in for a freebie!

You can give them that clear Call to Action with something as breezy as “Thanks for signing up. Come join us in our Free Facebook Group and let’s get to know each other better!


Yet another automated way to grow your group without constantly having to ping people directly!

What’s more is offering these ‘next steps’ or ways to connect with you on a deeper level gives direction to those who have already shown an interest in your business, allowing you to elevate that relationship into a paying customer faster.

Your Email List

Emails are a fantastic place to subtly drop your FB Group link.

Here’s how we do this…

Each time someone signs up to our email list, we send them a welcome email (we call it an Indoctrination Email) that gives them the link to download whatever freebie they signed up for PLUS gives them some background on who Josh and I are, what they can expect with The Screw and a few “next steps” they can take to connect with us more.

Joining our FB group is the second step we prompt them to take and it works like a charm!

Wanna double down on your email game?

Use the P.S in any of your broadcasts to prompt people to join your group who may not already be in there.

Hell, you can even incentivize them more by highlighting a popular thread or conversation that is already happening in the group and invite them to chime in with their thoughts!

I see some of the most successful Facebook groups doing this and it works like a charm!

Your Personal Profile and Featured Photos

Perhaps one of the craftiest strategies I have seen for promoting a Facebook group is by using your personal profile page’s cover photo and feature photos section.

Now, I don’t do this myself because I rarely use my personal account for business purposes, but I’ve seen others do it and think it’s incredibly smart.

To be clear, this is on your personal profile page, NOT your business page.

Here’s how you do this:

Using a tool like PicMonkey or Canva, create an eye-catching cover photo with a quick description on what your group is all about and who it’s for with a clear CTA to “click the pic to join the group”.

Kinda like how Jessica Stansberry does in her profile cover photo for her group Rising Video Rockstars

How to grow your facebook group

From there you simply add the link to the photo description so when people click on the photo, they can easily join the group in one quick click.

You can see this in action once you click into Jessica’s photo…

Facebook groups for business

And when I asked her why she chooses to use her personal profile to promote her group, this is what she said:

“Growing a Facebook group (or online business, in general) can feel like you’re standing in the middle of the street screaming at people with nobody listening, but I have found that if I have my personal profile optimized in a way that attracts people to my group, and my business as a whole, it doesn’t feel as difficult.

As a video marketing strategist, I tend to get tagged in other Facebook groups and conversations online about YouTube, equipment, live strategy, etc so my name is instantly associated with the topic – BUT – if I just left it at that, someone would have to click on my name, scroll through my personal profile and find my business page, then go to my website before ever finding MY group.

So, with the strategy I use of “pimping out” my personal profile, it takes a simple click (or even hover) on my name once I’m tagged or I comment for someone to see that I have a Facebook group that they want to join, and we all know that the less clicks someone has to execute to land where they should be, the better.”

Pretty damn smart, right?

Want to see another example of this in action?

Check out Jaya Rose’s use of her personal cover photo to promote her free group, The Multi-Passionate Hub

facebook groups for business

Pretty sharp, right?

Then once you click into the photo, here is what you see…

facebook marketing

Not only does this help Jaya use her personal profile strategically, but similar to Jessica it helps direct people from other groups (or FB in general) towards her group without her constantly having to promote it.

Ahhhh leverage. You sexy.

Want more tips on how to use your personal profile?

Try using your “featured photos”!

WTF are “featured photos”?

It’s a section on your personal profile where you can feature up to 5 photos that tell a story about you and your business.

I’ve even seen people get super creative and create one large image that promotes something for their business.

Now, I bet I can guess what you’re thinking right now…

“Jill how does this attract new members if the only people seeing it are my current Facebook friends?”

So glad you asked!

You see, if you are active in other groups that are relevant to your business (and you should be!) and you’re showing up in a helpful, value-driven way, people are inevitably going to click on your personal profile to learn more about you.

It’s classic Facebook Stalking 101.

Which means if you can trick out your profile using the different pieces of real estate you have, ie. your cover photo, your featured photos and even your bio (where you can add links) you are increasing your chances of new members joining your group…fo’ free!


Oh, and I’m not done yet…

You Social Media Bio Links

Another dead-easy way to get more members into your facebook group is to start by using any and all social media profiles you have.

Login to your Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter account, for example. On each of these platforms you have the opportunity to add one link to your profile.

Most people opt to use this link to send viewers to their website or an email opt-in (which is super smart, btw), however you can also use these links to direct your followers to your group.

Stealthy, right?

This can be done on literally any social platform that adds a link. Here’s what our Instagram link looks like:

Facebook groups for business

Should you be using a big ol’ clunky Facebook link though?

Hellllll no.

Instead, I want you to use…

Custom Domain Names

This is one of my favourite organic growth hacks as it’s so simple to set up and works like a charm!


Because saying “Join us at” is so much easier than “Join us over at”!

And yes, while technically this tip isn’t free (because you have to buy a domain name), it’s wildly beneficial to your efforts AND domain names are incredibly cheap!

We use for all our domain names and absolutely love the company.

If you aren’t tech savvy, don’t fret.

Josh walks you through a quick and easy way of doing this inside this deep-dive training we created with David Siteman Garland!

Or if you’d rather go the DIY route, most domain registrars offer step by step instructions in their support FAQ section.

Facebook Lives

We are suckers for Facebook Live!

These livestreaming broadcasts give you the power to interact live with your followers and build a loyal relationship with them.

They also allow you to take your viewers behind the scenes with you, give them loads of free value-driven content and engage in real time with them!

What’s more is you can use your FB Lives to drive viewers to your Facebook group throughout your broadcast to continue the conversation inside your free community.

Again, this is where having a custom domain for your group is wildly helpful!

Your Featured Posts or Interviews

This pretty much gets summed up by these 4 words:

Pimp. your. group. EVERYWHERE!


Now, in case it’s not obvious, we are BIG believers in the power of building organic attention to your brand.


Because not only does it save you a ton of cash in the beginning, but it’s paramount to the longevity of your business.

So how do you do this?

Well, Josh has a whoollllleeee Free Traffic Workshop he runs (that will up your traffic game in ways you can’t imagine), but simply put it breaks down to this…

You gotta put in the work.

Plain and simple.

That means guest posting, doing podcast interviews, showing up in relevant Facebook groups, doing FB Lives with those who have audiences you want to get in front of and doing interviews on other people’s webshows!

And yes, I know it sounds like a lot of work.

But you know what else it is?

Dangerously effective in helping you get your business in front of those who are perfectly aligned with what you have to say and sell.

What’s more is in each interview or feature you do, you’re likely going to be given a chance to tell people where they can connect with you…

This is where you pimp your group with that sexy custom domain you just set up and funnel people from that interview into your group where they can connect and engage with you.

I do this on every. single. interview I do and have had thousands (and thousands) of people join my group as a result of doing this.

Trust me, it works.

Still hungry for more?

What about trying out a good ol’…

Facebook Group Takeover

Sounds pretty rad, right?

Here’s how they work…

Chances are you’re a member of other Facebook groups related to your interests and of course, business niche.

Which means you’re likely showing up in those groups, providing mad value and positioning yourself as a go-to in your space.

And if you’re doing it right (ie. never trying to skirt the rules and always giving more than you take), the FB group owner is going to take notice.

From there, you can start to build a relationship with that group owner and suggest trading Group Takeovers!

So how do they work?

Essentially, you each create an introduction for the person doing the takeover (so your group members aren’t confused) and explain what the members can expect to gain from this person’s posts over the coming few days.

Then each day the guest either creates a high-impact, value-driven post that teaches something or does a FB Live in your group teaching your members something actionable.

You can even cap it all off with a live joint Q & A session for your members that not only rocks their world, but again, positions your guest as a go-to in their niche.

Then you just simply repeat the process in their group!

Not only is it engaging, but it’s highly valuable for your members.


Of course, if you’re craving some accelerated growth for your group you do have the option to run FB ads to it.


Allow me to explain…

Using Facebook Ads To Grow Your Group

Now, here’s the thing…

I’m gonna say something that is likely going to get some readers a tad fired up.

*deep breath*

I loathe the idea of running Facebook ads to promote your group.


Because you can’t directly measure the return on your investment.

Why not?

Because if you execute on even 2 or 3 of the tips I mentioned above, your group will organically grow without you having to spend a dime.

Which means you won’t be able to tell who is joining from your ad and who is joining from your organic efforts.

What’s more is when you run Facebook ads for groups, it’s damn near impossible to know which members who convert into paying customers have come from your ads…without you directly asking them.

And to me, the fact that you can’t measure that ROI makes running ads to grow your group a less than savvy spend of money.

Instead, if you are hell-bent on running ads to speed up the process, run them to a lead magnet and use your Thank You Page and Indoctrination Email (tips we covered a few lines up) to get your new subscribers into your group.

This allows you to track your ad spend, your ROI annnnd it helps you build and grow an asset you actually own, ie. your email list!

Because, trust me, the last thing you want to do is focus all of your efforts on building your brand on rented land.

Harsh, but true.


Alright, so now that you know how to grow that group of yours, let’s talk about how to engage that bad boy so you’re not sitting there with a group full of lurkers.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what I’m jamming on in Chapter 5!

Ready to dive in?

Tap it like you mean it!

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Thanks for reading.

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