The Ultimate Webinar Registrations Strategy (2018 Update)

The Ultimate Webinar Registrations Strategy (2018 Update)

You know how when people talk about their success with webinars they rarely talk about the specific strategy they use? Like, they might say “my latest webinar converted at 37%!”…but rarely do they dive in and explain HOW they actually got those conversions?

What I mean is…

Did they follow a particular framework for building their registration list?

Did they run Facebook ads?

Did they rely solely on warm traffic?

And most importantly, did that 37% conversion result in a big sexy profit, or did they barely break even on their promo efforts?

These are the things I think to myself when I hear someone breaking down a “hot new strategy”.

I mean, think about it…

If you know you are ready to start hosting webinars, you’re likely going to wonder how people are getting the results they’re getting, right?

So instead of me using the next few hundred words to tell you how big the return is we’re getting, I thought I would break down the precise strategy Josh and I use to pick our webinar topics and build our webinar registrations list.

After all, there ain’t gonna be no webinar if you don’t come up with a captivating topic and build a list of people who actually want to attend.

And no, the whole “pick a topic and run some ads” strategy isn’t gonna cut it either.

So let’s dive in…

How To Pick A Webinar Topic

Whether you’re mapping out your first or fortieth webinar, one thing holds true…

You have to choose a topic people actually want to show up for.

That means you have to cut the guesswork and go directly to the source: Your audience!

After all, there’s no worse feeling than going full steam ahead on an idea only to realize that you missed the mark and your audience isn’t jiving with your hot new webby topic.

Because let’s be real, that feeling blows.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to avoid it and make sure your webinar hits in a big way.

Actually, there’s two…

The Simple Way

This process is, well, simple.

Best of all, it works like a charm!

All you have to do is send an email out to your list—I prefer the subject line “Can I ask you a question?”—and ask them: “What is the ONE thing you are struggling with right now?”.

Kinda like how I did here…

ask-question-emailThen, as people start to respond you can keep track of the common issues or pain points in a spreadsheet so you can see which are the most popular.

From there, pull out the most common problems, narrow it down to one (the most popular) and use it as inspiration for your webinar topic.

Worried people won’t respond?

Don’t be!

You can even incentivize someone responding by saying you will pick 5 (or 10…or whatever you want) people to do a 15-minute call with.

This will help you understand your subscribers on a much deeper level, ultimately giving you the information you need to craft a ruthlessly-effective webinar.

The Surefire Way

Of course, you can always crank things up to eleven and take this process to the next level!


Facebook groups.

Now, I know I’m a little biased…

I mean, hell, our free FB group grew to over 10,000 members in less than 6 months.

So I think I know a thing or two about how to grow them, how to run them and how to use them to strategically build your business.

And since Facebook groups are all the rage lately, here’s how you can use your group in your webinar arsenal.


Moving on…

If you have a Facebook group for your brand, you can use the polling function inside your group to ask them exactly what it is they want to learn.

Kinda like I did here…

how to pick a webinar topic
Don’t guess. Ask.

Now if I’m being totally honest, when I ran this poll earlier this year I went in with the expectation of “sales funnels” being the no-brainer winner.

Ummmm not so much.

As you can see it came in dead last.

Why does that matter?

Because if I had gone with my gut our webinar likely wouldn’t have received many registrations, let alone conversions.

Instead, I asked our community what they wanted to learn most and LISTENED.

I know, novel concept!

What happened?

We had our highest number of registrations (over 800 people signed up), we had our biggest show up rate (hello, 42%!) and we had our largest conversion rate to date (what up, 147x return!).

*fist pump*

So, what’s a webpreneur to do once you have your topic locked down?

How To Get More Webinar Registrations

Now that you’ve got a topic validated and you know that your audience is interested, it’s time to build your webinar registrations list.

But, what should you say?

How should you say it?

And when should you start pimping out this training of yours?

Let’s get into it…

Start Hot

First things first, when you are looking to build a registration list for a new webinar of yours, start with your hottest audience…

Who’s that?

Your email list!


Because these people already know you and are typically more receptive to your offers.

To get those webinar registrations I do this:

I schedule out two broadcasts to our full email list about 5 days before the webinar is scheduled.

Why two?

In case the first one is overlooked!

To do this I send my second email 2 days after the first and I make sure that it ONLY goes out to those subscribers who didn’t open my first email.

What’s more is you can do this with almost any email provider.

Not into the idea of writing two emails?


Instead, use the same email twice and just change the subject line.

Since you’re only sending the email to the group of people who didn’t open your first email, they won’t have read the first one anyways!

Two birds. One stone. Holla.

Then inside my email I make it a point to kick things off with a story of sorts.

If you have personal experience with the topic, take the first couple paragraphs and use your story to hit at the biggest frustrations in relation to the overall topic.

Kinda like how I did in this email…

Remember, keep your copy conversational

If you don’t have a personal story related to your webinar topic, but have helped someone overcome whatever pain point, obstacle or problem your webinar is about, use that instead.

The key is to evoke that holy-shit-yes!-they-just-get-me feeling in your reader.

Once you’ve wrapped up your story, it’s time to introduce the topic of your webinar, hit the top 3 (minimum) actionable lessons someone will learn and wrap it up with a clear call to action…or two.

Benefits benefits benefits!

I prefer two. One in the body of the email and one in the p.s.


Because people skim.

And if you’re not catering to their browsing habits, you might miss out on those coveted registrations and really, no one wants that.

Best of all, I then re-use these emails, pull out some key points and use them to promote our webinar to our social audience and get even more people on the list!

After that, it’s all about injecting a little cold traffic to further pad your registration list!

How To Warm Up Cold Traffic

Now obviously I haven’t signed up for every single person’s webinar, but I’ve registered for my fair share and this is how I see it typically go down.

  • You see an ad on Facebook
  • You opt in for the webinar
  • You receive a few reminder emails
  • You show up to the webinar…maybe

That’s it.

And if you’re thinking “sounds like a solid strategy to me”, then I am SO happy you’re here on this page with me right now.


Because there are so. many. lost opportunities in that simple breakdown.

To start, let’s talk about cold traffic.

Simply put, we like to warm cold traffic up and get them consuming our content before we go in for the registration kill.

This is for two reasons:

  • It’s cheaper to drive ads to a free piece of content (and Facebook LOVES it)
  • It helps to familiarize people with our brand before we promote our webinar

Here’s how this plays out in our business…

I write a killer (if I do say so myself *wink* ) piece of free content (or “Read Magnet” as we like to call it) around a particular interest area or pain point.

Right now it just so happens to be about our webinar registration strategy.

Once this post is published, we then create a “clicks to website” ad campaign inside our FB ads dashboard.

The whole point of this piece of content is to:

  • Rock your world and teach you something new
  • Introduce our brand to a cold audience without being all pushy about it
  • Add a flood of people into our webinar registration funnel

Now, if you’re having a “what? I thought this post was about webinars, not funnels and FB ads!”, don’t sweat.

You see, combining Facebook ads with the pre-registration Read Magnet funnel is precisely what makes our strategy so damn effective.

In fact, you’re in it right now.

This is the beginning step and we’re in the process of warming you up for the next step.

What is it?

How To Convert Cold Traffic Into Warm Registrations

Ahhh yes, the registration.

It’s what we all want, isn’t it?

Thousands of registrations?

Hundreds of hot prospects?

Bazillions of eager buyers?

Well, this is how we go about doing just that…

You see, as you move through this post and get further down the page I’m going to start pimping this upcoming FREE masterclass with Amy Porterfield.

Why did we do it this way?


Instead of just targeting any random business owner with this webinar, we only want people who have landed on this page to have the chance to register for it.


Because we know if you are on this page and ingesting content on webinar strategy AND you’ve made it this far, you’re probably pretty damn interested in hosting your own webinar.

In addition to that, we know that one of the big pain points for people wanting to host webinars is they don’t know how to structure their webinar for maximum conversions.

Which makes that free training with Amy Porterfield a no-brainer.

I mean, think about it…

If you have read through our strategy on how we pick our webinar topic and build registrations, then surely you’re going to want to know how to get people to actually show up AND how to structure your webinar so it converts like crazy.

Which is exactly what Amy is going to be diving deep into during her FREE webinar masterclass!

(Because, let’s keep it real: There is no one in the online business space who does webinars better than Amy!)

See? This is the strategy in action.

Basically, we’re using your interest in building a responsive webinar registrations list AND your desire to convert on your webinar to offer you a relevant next step to the content you’re currently consuming.

But that’s not where the strategy ends.

Oh hellll no.

You see, if you don’t register for the webinar with Amy we are going to serve you another set of ads to remind you of what you missed out on.

Or in other words, we’re going to pixel and retarget you with a “website conversions” ad that is ONLY served to people who have landed on this page.

Why are we doing this?

A few reasons:

  • We want you to register and sometimes people forget to do it the first time
  • It is SO much cheaper to retarget a pixelled audience then it is to run a cold lead campaign

This is what is possible for YOUR webinar registrations strategy.

What I mean is, your strategy doesn’t have to just be a one-off ad.

You can drill down into the preferences and behaviours of your dream audience and serve relevant ads that speak directly to their desires.

It’s pull vs push.

That means no more sky-high ad costs mixed with low conversions.

Instead, we’re gunning for low ad costs mixed with sky-high conversions.

Doesn’t that sound like a sweet, sweet sigh of relief?

I think so too.

From there, it’s all about creating an effective pre-webinar sequence…

Fortunately, this is exactly what Amy is going to be talking about on her free training: How To Create Your First 5 Figure Webinar Even if You Don’t Have a List

In fact, she’ll not only be walking you through how to get people to show up live and stick around to the end, but we’ll also be deep-diving into how to structure your webinar so it converts like crazy AND what to do after your webinar to maximize sales.

After all, Amy has made multi-millions from hosting hundreds of webinars over the past 7 years, and I can’t think of anyone better suited to rock your world with in-depth (FREE) training on creating your first (of many) 5 figure webinar.

How to create your first 5 figure webinar

Thanks for reading.

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