[EP 47] 5 Success Habits We’re Absolutely Freakin’ Hooked On

[EP 47] 5 Success Habits We’re Absolutely Freakin’ Hooked On

If there is one thing that I’ve learned over the last 3 years of running a business—or more so had hammered into my brain— it’s that if you want to be successful with your online adventures…

If you truly want to kick your 9-to-5 to the curb and create that lifestyle of freedom you daydream of while sitting at work…

If you want to call the shots in your own life…

Then you HAVE to make success a habit.

I know, it sounds weird.

I mean, how can success be a “habit”?

But if you take a close look at the different habits successful people abide by, you’ll see there is a common thread.

Things like religious exercise routines, controlling their mindset, waking up early, surrounding themselves with other successful people, setting boundaries (and sticking to them!), and bouncing back quickly after a failure.

Those are all habits and if you’re itching to create success on your own terms, then you need to start incorporating some into your daily life.

And if your mind is currently cycling through the many go-to excuses we alllll tend to resort to when considering making a positive change in our life, think of this…

What would you rather have: A life that lights you up inside and makes you excited to get up in the morning, but requires some legwork (or ab work…depends on what day it is at the gym *wink*) OR a life that is safe and comfortable and let’s be real…kinda boring!

If you’re giving the latter a big ol’ thumbs down then you are going to dig today’s episode, because we are breaking down the 5 biggest success habits that are currently rocking our whole damn world!

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode

  • The 5 ‘must-do’ success habits we swear by
  • The real reason we hardly ever work together during the day
  • How you can start small to develop good success habits
  • What we focus on to increase our opportunity for success
  • How simply being thankful drastically changed our business
  • What we learned from falling on our faces and failing
  • How we learned to say “no” to time wasters
  • Our #1 tool for getting (and staying) on track with forming successful habits

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10 thoughts on “[EP 47] 5 Success Habits We’re Absolutely Freakin’ Hooked On”

  1. Jill, nice tips 😉

    I try to thank God everyday for this incredible world He created for us through which His plan of salvation is working… Though it appears today that the wicked in the world are winning, ultimately they lose and that is what this life in the flesh is about… a culling period. There are seven things I thank God for everyday.

    1 I thank God for the gift of life and creating me with eyes to see and ears to hear. We are all individuals with defining DNA which proves our individuality as God’s children.

    2 I thank God for His miraculous plan of salvation and this world He created that is perfect in every way for the support of our happiness and well being.

    3 I thank God for the incredible Letter He gave us explaining life in the flesh in detail and through the 31,000+ verses in the Letter we only have to believe on one verse (John 3:16) to make it into the Eternal Kingdom.

    4 I thank God for the gift of our Savior Jesus Christ who was the last Blood Sacrifice and through Christ we can attain forgiveness of sin (our safety net) because it is impossible to live a perfect life while in the flesh.

    5 I thank God for the gift and Guarantee/Promise of Eternal life for anyone who believes and overcomes. Nobody has ever died, flesh bodies have passed away but our flesh body is not our true body and even satan lives at this time… satan is the only entity sentenced to death by name in the Bible and he is a dead man walking… Thank God!

    6 I thank God for always being there and the Rock Foundation He provides while in the flesh.

    7 I thank God for this day and the blessing of my incredible family… everything else in life is just gravy.

    Ultimately, your tips to success in business force a person out of their comfort zone and through that responsible change of habit, good will come. When you look back to your Internet start, what was the very first step you or Josh took/changed?


  2. I just stumbled on this site and gave this podcast a listen, loved it 🙂 You guys are hilarious and the info was great. Definitely will try the Success List.

  3. Thanks guys. I have just found your podcast and love it. Very encouraging. I am going through all of the eps. Love that you have fun with the podcast as well. Makes it more enjoyable to listen to.

  4. listing some takeaways here:
    *wake up and break up- establish exercise routine in the morning and having an hr apart
    *practise gratitude- being thankful for what you have; list out 10 things you are grateful for, focus on what makes you feel good [a possible mantra: “..grateful for what i have, and for what’s to come..”]
    *focusing on one thing- what is the one thing you need to do to become successful? create a success list.
    *saying no!
    *learning from failure

    lastly, always establish and introduce better habits such as continuous learning.. thanks for the tips! 🙂


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