Could Your Spending Habits Be Keeping You Stuck in Your 9-to-5?

Could Your Spending Habits Be Keeping You Stuck in Your 9-to-5?

We’re curious… 

What’s keeping you stuck in your 9-to-5?

If “money” just popped into your brain, you’re not alone. We talk to so many course creators who tell us that in order to leave their jobs, they’d need to be making $100k – $250K in order to go all in on their business. 

But you know what no one stops to ask? 

“Are my spending habits the thing that’s keeping me stuck in my soul-sucking job?” 

And that’s exactly what we’re diving into in this episode. 

Before you hit us with the eye-roll, let’s break down some facts, shall we? 

Today the average home debt is 100% of a medium income, meaning the average person is likely living beyond their means. 

So you can have more bathrooms in your house than the number of people living there? So you can own 2 brand new cars that you can show off to your friends and neighbours? So you can own the new iPhone each time it is released?

Listen…there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have nice things. We love a good splurge. But you know what we love more? 

The freedom our business gives us. 

So if you’re really looking to screw the 9-to-5, you need to start asking yourself what’s getting in the way of the freedom to…

  • Do whatever you want?
  • With whom you want?
  • Whenever you want?
  • For how long you want?

It’s time to realize that freedom doesn’t come free. 

You’ve got to ask yourself what you’re willing to exchange to make it happen sooner rather than later. And no… we’re not saying ditch all your stuff (although we recently did that when we moved and it was freeing AF. You can hear about it here!).

But we are saying it’s time to prioritize. 

And if ya want some help… then you’re definitely going to want to listen in today.

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Gems we mentioned today:

The Big 3!

  1. Mindful spending
  2. Freedom over everything else
  3. True wealth is what we DON’T see

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