[EP 72] Kate Erickson Answers: What’s the Best Way to Grow Your Community Online?

[EP 72] Kate Erickson Answers: What’s the Best Way to Grow Your Community Online?

Have you ever wanted to build a community…a MOVEMENT…around your dream business?

And more so, do you struggle to figure out exactly HOW to do that? 

I mean, so many people make it look easy online, but when it comes down to it, how do you actually attract the right people and build a loyal relationship with them?

Well, to answer that we brought Kate Erickson from EntrepreneurOnFire.com back on the show to share her biggest community-building lessons.

After all, EoFire has a seriously hardcore following (hello, Fire Nation!) which has been building for nearly 3 years now.

So what did Kate and John do to build this rabid following?

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • Kate’s biggest community-building goal-setting tips
  • The power of conversation when it comes to building raving fans
  • The KLT factor and why it’s SO important
  • Why consistency is crucial when it comes to community-building
  • How attending live events helped John and Kate build a rabid audience
  • Why you should consider hosting a meetup

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2 thoughts on “[EP 72] Kate Erickson Answers: What’s the Best Way to Grow Your Community Online?”

  1. Such a great question! Thank you two again for having me BACK on the show to dive into the Q&A 🙂

    I wanted to add a few very specific ways Prince can leverage my answer, just in case it came across a bit vague:

    Ways you might involve your community:

    – Ask them to send in questions (much like you two do with the Q&A!) Hearing your name / voice on the podcast that you follow is SO COOL! (am I right, Prince?) =)

    – If an audience member asks for an improvement or special tool on your website or other – and it’s not way out of the realm of possibility – make it happen, then announce that you made it happen so they (and your entire community) know you went the “extra mile” to help them. This can go a long way in showing you care and earning their trust.

    – Ask your audience what their #1 biggest struggle is. They’ll come back to you with answers you can use as the topic for your next podcast episode, blog post, or video blog. Then, give them a shout out for helping you discover a new content topic!

    – Run a contest in order to get your community involved in your next logo design, website layout, or email newsletter format. In exchange for their input, you might raffle off a set of nice earbuds, an Amazon gift card or other valuable piece that is specifically applicable to your audience / industry.

    These are all ways you’re inviting your potential audience members inside of your business – they’re literally helping you shape your content – as they should – and that’s when they start to feel a part of something.

    I hope this helps!


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