The Facebook Trifecta & How To Use Facebook to Grow Your Business without Paying for Ads

The Facebook Trifecta & How To Use Facebook to Grow Your Business without Paying for Ads


Ohhhhh man it can be a source of frustration, can’t it?

I mean, reach is down.

It’s noisy in the newsfeed.

And there is a hardcore belief that you have to “pay to play” just to make Facebook work for you and your business.

But is that really the case?

In this episode, we’re diving into the Facebook Trifecta and how to play Facebook’s game so that you not only get rewarded with reach, but your message gets in front of the people who need it and you build an organic audience of believers.

So what the eff is the Trifecta and how can you use it in your business?

Click play, homie!

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11 thoughts on “The Facebook Trifecta & How To Use Facebook to Grow Your Business without Paying for Ads”

  1. Jill, I took a look at your cover photo and it has nothing about your business. I am trying to see an example of what this might look like without being too obnoxious.

    • Hey Anna! Yeah I personally don’t use my personal FB profile for this anymore…but truly believe it is mad powerful for those just starting out who may not have a lot of resources available to them in the beginning 🙂

  2. My website went live yesterday, needed help to set up Facebook pixel… done following the free lesson…..BOOM done.
    thank you so much
    (FB living the new website announcement later so many see some results)

  3. Great episode guys. I’m in a lot of groups and I loved the tip about your personal page cover photo. Did mine up right away. Thanks.

  4. Hi Jill and Josh, just a quick message to let you know that I’ve already listened to this episode 3 times this weeks on my commute to work and each time I’ve learned something new which I’ve applied to my Facebook page. One tip I really loved is modifying one’s feature photo. Had no idea it could be done and now I’ve modfied it to suit my needs. Included a screenshot for other readers to see how it works. It took a few tries to get it fitting just right. The final version saw a size of 740 x 717 pixels.

    You now have a regular reader and visitor to your blog.
    Thanks again!


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