[Ep 130] Help! How Do I Get My Inbox Under Control?

[Ep 130] Help! How Do I Get My Inbox Under Control?

Ever feel like a complete slave to your inbox?

Like the emails just keep on coming and coming?

And what’s more, they come with the same damn questions each time?


It can be overwhelming sifting through it all, providing custom responses, and directing people to the right info.

Then before you know it, you look up and *whoosh*a whole morning has slipped by.

*face palm*

Have you ever had that happen?

I have.

Like, waaaaay more often than I care to admit.

And while we’re all passionate about our businesses, and we want to help other people, it can a time-consuming, thankless task.

So what should we do?

How do we make boundaries our bitch, while still serving our community?

As Scroupie Kat Jarman, who runs CrafterCoach.com, asked:

‘How do you keep your inbox under control, and still provide value for people?

Fear not, Kat! We’ve got you!

And we’re A’in this Q with our top tools, killer tips and time-savin’ systems !

Ready to reclaim your inbox…and your sanity!

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Words Of Wisdom In This Week’s Episode:

  • Why you need to prioritize your time and set some email boundaries
  • How to automate, systemize and organize your inbox- and the tools to do it
  • Getting the same questions over and over? You need this software
  • Why you gotta cut back on overly personalized responses- and how to do it
  • How to direct users to the right info with an FAQ section
  • Up-sell you knowledge! How to use emails as part of the sales funnel

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2 thoughts on “[Ep 130] Help! How Do I Get My Inbox Under Control?”

  1. Yay! Thanks so much for answering my question guys. LOVE the idea of an epic Q&A page. Definitely going to implement ALL of that excellent advice 🙂


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